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Your Questions Answered

I have shared with you quite a bit about the coaching group by this point. And I can imagine that you might still have some questions.

We’re always focused on the decisions we need to make but not quite on the process we need to invest in making that decision.

I’d like to answer some of the questions I’ve received so far, which you might be holding as well.

Isn’t healing the mother wound too heavy and scary?

There’s an irony to emotional wounds and pain. The less you touch it, the scarier it gets. But the closer you come to it, the lighter it gets.

The mother wound is a tender matter. So many women tell me that they don’t talk about their mother with anyone because it feels so raw.

But the healing process itself in my coaching group will have a lot of lightness and satiating connection to it that you’ll actually have fun.

Here’s how Candy experienced it:

“The little breakout room speaking-our-name “exercise" with other people really pulled me out of my comfort zone in the easiest and most natural of ways.

It allowed me to become aware of feelings that somehow along the way have been dismissed.

To share that with other people in the space you made was really beautiful and even after the short workshop, it's left me with a wonderful feeling of expansion and possibility.

There's so.. much... more we can all have and feel and be.”


I’m busy and have other commitments, wouldn’t the coaching group be too much?

Women of Wholeness is not just another coaching group. It’s not just a hot seat where you come with your questions to be answered by me.

The dynamic of the group will be very flowing with many exercises for you to learn, shift and heal through experience rather than through the acquisition of knowledge.

In fact, the time will be like a respite, where you can be nourished by loving witnessing and empowering connections.

If you have other scheduled commitments twice a month on Mondays between 18:00-19:30 CET then this group is not the right timing for you.

But if you’re able to attend the meetings, you’ll be surprised by how they will recharge you and infuse more energy into your other engagements.

Here’s how Allison experienced that:

“I was impressed with how in a very short time Shelly fostered a safe environment with the group interconnectedness that invited sharing. I found myself delightfully comfortable gathering in exchange with new women.

Shelly’s reminder of the potential in gentleness loosened the space for authentic exchanges. The simple exercises brought sensitivity and presence.

I appreciate this encouragement towards being more deeply here with ourselves and with one another. It was lovely connecting with other beautiful women seeking to explore this way together. I could feel how we collectively yearn for this.”

Wholeness is about reshaping our gauge for a sense of safety from habits of wound to habits of nourishment


I’m already in private coaching why do I need group coaching?

Joining the Women of Wholeness group coaching is not a replacement for a one-on-one process.

Most people underestimate the power of a group to offer a deep sense of completeness and the possibility to reach levels of healing that are actually not possible through one-to-one.

While the process can be tailored to your specific rhythm and questions in a one-to-one setting, in a group you have the unique possibility to learn how to feel deeply safe in relationships, in your public roles and in the world.

“I am human,” said Desmond Tutu, “because I belong to the whole, to the community, to the nation, to the tribe, to the earth.”


I’ve been hurt in groups before, how can I be sure this will not happen again?

Like so many, I’ve been hurt in groups too. The most painful ones are spiritual communities where you assume you’re safe and you’re hurt directly in your open heart.

I also come from Israel and spent a lot of my childhood in the kibbutz, so I developed a real allergy to groups.

I’ve learned a lot in the past years about relational mindfulness and my Hakomi training has opened up a completely new world in terms of creating a safe space in groups for people to take care of each other.

This is how Sunniva experienced this:

“I have been to many workshops on and offline and know the feeling too well when my body stays on guard, because I did not feel safe. There have been times when I did not listen to my body and opened up, only to be shamed or even traumatised for my vulnerability. I have become wise and listen.

Soft and Expanded!! , that is how I felt after Shelly‘s Online Workshop.

Shelly has a true gift and the capacity to create a safe and compassionate space. In only a short time I felt my nervous system relax and felt a connection and compassion with the other women present.

Sharon is beautifully humble and embodies deep and connected wisdom.

I entered into a new sphere of awareness of my own story and history, I had a feeling of celebration and love for how I have grown. All thanks to Shelly‘s guidance, wisdom and vulnerability to be purely present with a group of women longing to embrace and heal on a truly authentic and grounded level.

Shelly’s Workshop is beautifully balanced between bursts of wisdom and exercises which help to embody and feel what is present, what wants to be looked at, to be seen.

I perceive Shelly as mindful and soft in her presence, not shying to be raw and honest. She has an aura of competence and assertiveness which shines through in her ability to hold and guide a group of women on their healing journey.

Thank you Shelly!! “

“The roots of resilience are to be found in the sense of being understood by and existing in the mind and heart of a loving, attuned, and self-possessed other.”

~Diana Fosha


Can I join after the coaching group started?

The early-bird deadline is tomorrow, August 11th.

You don’t have to join instantly. In fact, it’s not possible because joining the group is by having a conversation with me.

If you wanted to enjoy the extra workshop I’m offering for early joiners on working through triggers then you need to at least get into a conversation with me by tomorrow midnight.

Write me an email, send me a message or book your chat with me

But the coaching group starts on September 5th. If you need more time, you have until then.

It’s not possible to join after September 5th because I want to avoid creating a revolving doors sensation in the group.


If you have other questions or hesitations let me help you talk through them.

My aim is not to “get you in”. In fact, don’t be offended, but if you’re not ready for this or if the coaching group is not the right space for you I don’t want you join!

It’s going to be an intimate group of 8 powerhouse women so the composition of the group matters a lot.

I’ve received so many responses following my last museletter about being triggered because this is a sensitive matter for many women who are working through a mother wound.

So if this group is the right thing for you I’d love for you to join earlier than later, secure your spot and enjoy the benefit of an extra workshop that will change the way you understand triggers, respond to triggers and know what they are in your own life.

There are 5 spots left.


Healing the mother wound coaching group

Shelly’s helping women on a journey of healing the mother wound who are dealing with the ways it limited their sense of self, relationships or the success of their calling and want to reach deeper levels of healing and step into their wholeness

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