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Healthy and Unhealthy Emotional Security

You are always safe, my love.

Nothing will hurt you.

No matter what you say,

pleasing to the ears of others

or troubling and confronting,

you are still safe. Your heart knows

that honest words

build a nest

where you can truly rest.

It is safe to feel, my love.

No matter how charged or challenging

your feelings may be,

when they already move through your heart

they’re like a magnificent thunder bolt

that can only brighten the skies

without breaking them down.

And the rain, my love,

the rain

is the shower that cleanses your soul.

It is safe to want what you want.

No matter if it seems as far

as the horizon line,

fleeting as the wings of a butterfly,

what your heart yearns for

has a safety belt

that will hold you

throughout any bumpy ride.

The only thing that is unsafe for your heart, my love,

is to deny yourself the freedom

to be, to feel, to love

who you are

right at this moment.

Everything will change in your life. Thoughts about what should happen, financial gain, the value of your professional experience, friendships, future plans, decisions, promises made or given, wishes and dreams, statues, your whole view of life.

Even the worst scary or vicious thoughts change and pass away.

Even what feels good right now will change and pass away.

Even who you thought you are becoming doesn’t feel now exactly as you had imagined it in your mind.

A healthy emotional security then, starts from landing onto the ground

of this moment, with awareness parachute, opening

your heart wide as the skies

to whatever is present

at the core

of its lively honest pulse.

Whatever you avoid

shapes you as much as

what you face.

Only that what you avoid

creates holes in your heart

and what you face

fills is more than you

could have imagined.