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Spiritual Shoplifting

Quietly quietly, she sits alone,

staring at the beauty and glow

of those precious things

that have the quality of being


She can’t share them, though, because

she stole them. Her guilt

dims their light, when she thinks about it,

about how she sneaked in

to steal what her heart knew

could be hers for real.

She can’t talk about them, since

these precious gems are wrapped

in a smoky suffocating shame.

She can’t really use them publicly,

because when you’re spiritually shoplifting

the things you want the most

you have no clue as to how to make them a part of you.

Everything else in her life stayed the same,

because no change came to visit

when she settled for games of pretence.

One night, sitting with her

precious little things by the fire,

she wondered

how it would feel

to pay with courage and zeal

and make those gems her true and honestly earned treasure.

And so she did...

And to this day

she has been living a life of bliss

rather than of a pondering thief,

the life of one

whose heart

is always

at home.


Are you sneaking quietly

(or guiltily)

around the things and experiences

you wish were part of your life,

and want to learn

how to go for what you want

without fear or apology?


meditation and coaching workshop.

September 19th 2.30pm CET

Photo by Adrien King on Unsplash

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