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R.A.D. Meditation Album

R.A.D. Meditation Album


To be Radical is to be Radiant, Aligned and Daring.

Embody these beautiful states of being, where you can express yourself through kindness but also without giving up on what's important to you, where you can find the steadiness to keep the line of your values, where stepping up and showing fully coming naturally through an open heart.


Who it is for

Both beginners and more experienced meditators can enjoy this album.


The album includes:

Intro to meditation (5:55) -- What it's like to feel Radiant, Aligned and Daring. And two tips for a successful meditation.


1. Flow and Rejuvenation (20:58) -- Align with your intuitive yearning to be in a state of flow. This meditation leads you to find your wavelength and ride on your flow so you can replenish your energy.


2. Letting Go and Fresh Expression (23:05) -- When we’re able to let-go we always find a fresh expression. This meditation leads you to the priceless capacity of letting go and ends with a discovery of a fresh self-expression.


3. Abundance and Creativity (20:40) -- Abundance is that state of having, regardless of the quantity of materials you have. This meditation guides you towards that sense of having as the foundations of creativity and joy.


4. Strength (20:40) -- To be able to face uncertainty, challenges and any sort of friction is to have genuine strength. This meditation leads you through a special belly breathing technique to grow strength and stand your ground.


5. Trust and Inner Wisdom (22:38) -- Trust is such a valuable, precious capacity. When it’s shuttered is can feel like our world has been shuttered. In this meditation you’ll be guided into cultivating trust and leaning into your inner wisdom through a exploration technique.


6. Courage (19:56) -- The root of courage is in the heart. In this meditation you’ll be led into the chambers of your heart to find the courage you desire and need with a magnificent visualisation technique.


  • Refund Policy

    Due to the nature of the product returns and refunds and NOT offered

  • Delivery

    This is a digital product. Once purchase is completed you'll receive immediately a zip file with all the album records to download and keep forever.

  • Reviews

    "I meditated to the first track (on flow) today, sat in a park facing a magnificent plane tree, reminiscent of a tree I love in Gaia House garden 🌳

    I appreciated the meditation, thank you - I feel you speak very well to a number of obstacles that people - (at least I - encounter in meditation, for example around trying, around holding ideas of how it’s meant to go.

    I haven’t done much meditation with the breath in recent times, but feel I could be opened up to it (or at least some kind of one-pointedness) a bit more through this album. Thank you for this gift Shelly"

    Darran B., UK.


    "I just listened to the abundance and creativity meditation which is wonderful. Your soft voice is like silk and you took me to the place I needed to go. Thank you so so much for this offering and blessing"

    Sarah O., Switzerland 

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