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Embracing Change with Ease

A Mindfulness Roadmap to Make Change Easy

An experience-based mindfulness course
that teaches you how to handle and embrace
uncertainty and expected or unexpected changes

ONLINE. 6 Tuesdays, 19.00-20.30 CET
January 17 - February 25, 2022

Whether a change is forced on you or it’s something you want to initiate

it almost always seems to be such a struggle —

why is it so difficult to just embrace the change?!

Perhaps it’s about moving on after a breakup or job loss;

perhaps it’s about getting rid of old habits and setting up new ones,

whatever it is, you wish it didn’t feel like pushing against a mountain

and there were a way to do it with more ease.

Many offers teach you how to initiate a change or deal with changes that hit you like a clap of thunder, and you may have tried some — went to a behavioural therapist, read some books about steps to achieving your desired change, joined groups to encourage you on your new journey.


It all helps, but when you find yourself at that “again-point” after saying “never again” it feels like you betrayed your trust in yourself, and the frustration and disappointment are quite painful.

Many people like you have resorted to mindfulness and discovered that it is supportive, perhaps more than other methods, yet you still can’t make a complete transition, and wonder: what would do it?

Uncertainty and change can vary in the details but, fundmentally,

with the right ’make-it-possible-roadmap',

there is always an invitation to find relief, wonder and joy.​

"When you change the way you look at things

the things around you change."

~Wayne Dyer


There are three essential points

that once you know how to put them into practice

will make change a welcome guest in your life

Change is not that much of a mystery

When you understand how we move through change and what keeps us resistant to the new reality or stuck in old habits you gain deeper clarity on how to transform or handle uncertainty.


Going with instead of against

Instead of going against yourself, you need to discover what part within you is able to assist you in making the needed or desired shifts. This process is an embodied one and makes any change an organic process and thus easier.


Multilevel system  

Any change process, no matter the background story has many levels — cognitive, physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic. Having a method that can address them all ensures that changes become indeed an invitation to growth that brings satisfaction and joy

If you're looking for a significant shift

in the way you handle and embrace any kind of change

you'll love this course

thank you again for what I had the chance to learn and experience in your Workshop on Change.

Your approach has touched me very profoundly and I have taken home a new, albeit tender seedling of how to look at life, how to work with upcoming changes and I hold the strong intention to continue this path. It just feels natural and right - for the first time after having tried various approaches!

Zuzana D.

Thank you so much for all that you shared with us! This was strong and illuminating on themes I was always aware of but never could define or grab - When I was young I needed to be praised for what I`m doing or saying because it gave me the feeling of everything is ok. To be blamed produced the feeling that everything is unsure, the world broke down and I lost my ground. I also had a lot of fear to confront my environment with my needs or anger because this could potentially produce blame. For a long time, I blamed my family for what I`m living or feeling now.


I want to break this circle and this course is a good base to build upon.

Sofie P.



I'm an extro-introvert, a rebel against labels, who loves to be surprised and find new ways of expression.


The hunger to understand what it means to be Just Me propelled my zigzag life-journey. It has both terrified and fascinated me. I've been a computer programmer, a professional dancer, a chef, a coffee shop owner and a business consultant for effective social change. After an illuminating break-open in 2011 I've been devoting my life to help people awaken from the trans of fear and pain.

Over the past 20 years I have closely studied Insight and Dzogchen meditation with internationally renowned teachers in Israel, UK, USA and India. I've sat in over a dozen long silent meditation retreats getting intimate with the scariest inner demons and most precious places within myself.

I believe we're wired with everything we need in order to solve our questions and face the most demanding and charged situations, but also that this knowledge is stripped out of us from day one.

Meditation changed my life in a very concrete way. I'm inspired to show the way to those who are interested in re-discovering and trusting their inner wisdom and resources through this beautiful practice. 

So far, I have worked with close to two hundred individuals worldwide in both private and retreat settings.

I care for a world where people are autonomous in their feelings and creative thought, feel loved and are able to express love freely.


A Mindfulness Roadmap to Make Change Easy

ONLINE. 6 Tuesdays, 19.00-20.30 CET

January 17 - February 25, 2022


  • The eight traps that get us stuck in resisting hcange, transformation or the next unknon step

  • The four common coping strategies to get through uncertainty, change and confusion

  • The necessary mindfulness knowledge and techniques to make transformation satisfying and lasting

  • Embodiment practices to reduce stress, fear and develop resilience

  • Creating a roadmap to deal with your particular personal challenges

  • Cultivating tools for making desired changes in life

  • Growing confidence in meeting unexpected or undesired changes

This course is based on the Buddha's teaching of the eight worldly conditions. It is broken down into very accessible and down-to-earth practices. You do not need to know Buddhism. 



  • 6 weeks of 90-minute weekly classes of hands-on guided training 

  • A Beautifully designed booklet with all the guidance and information on all teachings 

  • Special instructions for including mindfulness in daily life

  • Recorded meditations sent via email for your self-practice at home 

  • Direct access to the teacher for questions and feedback on your practice for the duration of the 6 weeks

  • Weekly journaling prompts to keep your practice and insight alive


  • Find it challenging to handle change, uncertainty or transformation

  • Have some exposure to meditation of any kind

  • Wish to learn how to cope with events that forced them to change

  • Suffer from stress, constant tiredness, lack of motivation or creativity

  • Need to find clarity for making a significant decision

  • Feel stuck in their lives or in repetitive difficult feelings

  • Want to shift from fear and holding back to confident transitions

  • Wish to cultivate steadiness and calm in the face of change and uncertainty



6 Tuesdays 19.00-20:30 CET, January 18 - February 22, 2022

Please note - this course runs now only once a year. So make sure you save your spot 

Group is limited to 12 participants to ensure enough space and time for personal feedback and close connection with group members


Include all teachings, booklet of mindfulness teachings and exercises, recorded meditations, personal feedback live and via email

Early-bird - by January January 4th


For returning students: 240CHF | Use the code I'M BACK

Full fees - from January 5th


For returning students: 280CHF | Use the code I'M BACK

* If you are in a process of grief, recovering from- or dealing with trauma or burn-out please CONTACT ME FIRST before signing up for the course



Why do you use Buddhist teachings for this course?

As someone who had to cope with many unexpected changes early on in life and as a life coach who accompanies many different changes, people are undergoing I find that this particular teaching gives a very practical and inspiring framework to work with change.


This course is unique because it offers a perspective and method that are often overlooked.. And for those who are familiar with some of the Buddhist teachings, this course is a true joy and an opportunity to dive deeper into their knowledge and practice.


You do not need any previous knowledge in meditation or Buddhism, you do not need to become a Buddhist enthusiast or a believer. All you need for this course is to come with your personal wishes and needs and try out this special framework.

Why should I sign up with you?

The word mindfulness is used nowadays like chewing gum. So when it's introduced without the depth of hands-on experience too often it doesn't lead to the desired effects.


I have practised Insight meditation and Zen meditation in dozens of silent retreats courses and daily guided practices since 2002 under internationally renowned teachers, amongst them Christopher Titmuss, Jack Kornfield, Stephen & Martine Batchelor, Charles & Patricia Genoud. I know how to bring the teachings into a "down-to-earth" approach that allows ANYONE to meditate. I've been infusing the teachings with my own life-long conversation with the arts, poetry, writing, life coaching and my own personal transformation, and thus bring many influences to what I call contemporary meditation teachings.

What's the difference between mindfulness and meditation?

It's like the difference between the wave and the sea. Mindfulness is the wave and it rests in the sea of meditation. 


Mindfulness happens when you're fully and actively aware of whatever it is you're engaged with - at the present moment. So not after the fact, but in real-time.

You can be mindful of eating lots of cakes or mindful of talking unkindly to your partner, what really matters is how you apply mindfulness to facilitate the changes you're interested in. This you're going to learn in this course.


Mindfulness meditation is the cornerstone of balancing your nervous system and discovering new ways of engaging with problems because before you know what needs to happen you need to know what is actually happening.  

I don't have much time to practice at home, I'm very busy, will this course still benefit me?


It's a no-brainer that whatever you do frequently you will become good at - so it is with meditation. BUT, this course will give you ways to tap into mindfulness even while doing everyday activities. This means you can enjoy the benefits of this course at any time. In fact, each week includes specific instructions and recommendations on how to weave this practice into your daily life.

Are 6 weeks too short? too long? What can I really expect to learn in 6 weeks?

Change is often blocked by very personal reasons, most related to habits and coping mechanisms we formed in early childhood. I don't want to make vain promises and say 'this will transform your life. A reasonable expectation is to be able to flash out what those deep-seated habits and coping mechanisms are so you have something concrete to work with.


Of course, many participants often gain much more than that such as finding the courage to make changes and transitions that were not possible before or changing their relationship to losses to one that feels supportive and nourishing.

Is it a Buddhist or a religious course?

This course is a secular course. I draw the knowledge from my extensive practice in Buddhist meditation, but I do not use Buddhist language, so do not fear. It's not about the jargon but about the first-hand experience, you will be guided through in order to gain your own depth and understanding. My practice is infused with other contemplative practices such as poetry, Aikido, painting, conscious dialogue and more. This course is designed to provide you with a basic but profound understanding of the teachings of this ancient practice in a modern orientation.

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