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Finding Resources for Renewal

The Healing Powers of Mindfulness Meditation

An experience-based mindfulness course
that teaches you how to become
the master of your thoughts and feelings

Next session will be soon announced

The writing is on the wall, and you've had enough

 of all the sticky negative self-talk.

There's more to life than feeling stuck or indecisive,

and you know it.

You want to make joy your default state,

and that thing they say,

your boss/mother in-law/partner,

that always makes you jump

when they say it you want to know

how to stay anchored in your calm.

I guess, you've read the right books, listened to the right podcasts, and it was informative and inspiring but you're not quite there.

You probably plugged in to some meditation apps and found that it helps a bit before you get fidgety again or even fall asleep.

And perhaps you even took an MBSR course or dropped in to a few meditation classes

and still you don't understand how to make meditation work for you at moments when you feel lost or stressed.

Or perhaps it just wasn't enough, and you've heard mindfulness can take you deeper,

helping you feel more alive and become the conductor of your life.

Notice how it feels in your body to read 

"I want to live my life with much more ease"

"Perhaps the biggest tragedy of our lives is that freedom is possible, yet we can pass our years trapped in the same old patterns...We may want to love other people without holding back, to feel authentic, to breathe in the beauty around us, to dance and sing. Yet each day we listen to inner voices that keep our life small."

~Tara Brach


There are three essential points

that once you know how to put them into practice

will make mindfulness meditation your go-to tool

in helping you solve your day-to-day problems 

Meditation is an experienced-based practice.

There's amazing research that describes the benefits of mindfulness but normally it's not what one looks for when one wants to let go of anger or make an important decision.

Teachings based on experience can guide you through your unique needs, taking you to a safe place. 


Leading a busy or intense life due to family or financial needs impacts your creativity and levels of concentration in a very specific way.

Acquiring the right tools to deal with these specifics makes a huge difference to how meditation is relevant to your specific day-to-day challenges.

Mindfulness meditation as a practice is at least as old as 2600 years.

When you learn the application of mindfulness in its reduced form you also achieve reduced benefits.

If you're looking for a significant shift

in the way you view yourself and your life

you'll feel at home here

When I reached out to Shelly, I was looking for support in enabling a deeper self-connection. Shelly’s true and authentic teachings emit her profound experience and deep knowing about self and life.


Most important for me was seeing her presence as a role model of her teachings, right in front of me. Her givings were large in generosity, yet balanced and allowing focus. She clearly meets people where they are and gently but in it’s truth, challenge them to go further.


Guided meditations, both live and recorded ones were holding most helpful and soothing space to do it myself and I did.

Shelly’s presence invites naturally for exploring the self further with her as a trusted teacher and partner on a journey as she is an immense source of giving to others. I love that Shelly is so broad and unlimited in all possible ways she can support development of others. As the first meditation course ended I felt intrigued and motivated to continue the learning journey with her in.

Tamara T., Zurich

I wanted to join this meditation course to learn a tool to calm my mind and stop negative emotions and feelings.

Shelly did an amazing job at sharing different teachings with us, without being dogmatic about it. She took her time and offered every participant the necessary space to share and open up. She answered all of our questions and was able to transmit peace and love.

After the course I can say that I am more aware of little details in my life. I can feel when a negative emotion comes up and now have a tool to feel calm again.

I would recommend this course to everyone. There is so many benefits of feeling like you can trust and let go of everything that doesn’t do you any good.

Annika M., Zurich



I'm an extro-introvert, a rebel against labels, who loves to be surprised and find new ways of expression.


The hunger to understand what it means to be Just Me propelled my zigzag life-journey. It has both terrified and fascinated me. I have been a computer programmer, a professional dancer, a chef, a coffee shop owner and a business consultant for effective social change. After an illuminating break-open in 2011 I've been devoting my life to help people awaken from the trans of fear and pain.

Over the past 20 years I have closely studied Insight and Dzogchen meditation with internationally renowned teachers in Israel, UK, USA and India. I've sat in over a dozen long silent meditation retreats getting intimate with the scariest inner demons and most precious places within myself.

I believe we're wired with everything we need in order to solve our questions and face the most demanding and charged situations, but also that this knowledge is stripped out of us from day one.

Meditation changed my life in a very concrete way. I'm inspired to show the way to those who are interested in finding and trusting their inner wisdom and resources through this beautiful practice. 

So far, I have worked with close to two hundred individuals worldwide in both private and retreat settings.

I care for a world where people are autonomous in their feelings and creative thought, feel loved and are able to express love freely.


Finding Resources for Renewal


  • The four most important foundations for a satisfying mindfulness 

  • Coping with negative feelings and transforming them

  • The necessary knowledge to meditate confidently in groups or by yourself

  • Finding inner peace, reducing stress and developing laser-sharp focus

  • Discovering what are the five common traps of your mind

  • Cultivating tools for making desired changes in life

  • What it really takes to become self-reliant and confident

  • Finding fulfilment and joy that makes a difference in your life



  • 6 weeks of 90-minute weekly classes of hands-on guided training 

  • A printed/PDF file beautifully designed booklet with all the guidance and information on all teachings 

  • Special instructions for including mindfulness in daily life

  • Recorded meditations sent via email for your self-practice at home 

  • Direct access to the teacher for questions and feedback on your practice for the duration of the 6 weeks


  • Don't have a strong mindfulness practice 

  • Wish to learn how to incorporate mindfulness into daily life or their profession

  • Suffer from stress, constant tiredness, lack of motivation or creativity

  • Are at a junction in their life or need to make changes or significant decisions

  • Feel stuck in their lives or in repetitive difficult feelings

  • Want to deepen their knowledge and experience with mindfulness meditation

  • Wish to feel more self-love, calmness or happiness

  • Are looking for better relationships or communication

  • Are recovering from burn-out or trauma*


​The next course dates will be announced soon

There will be one course in Zurich and one online

Please note - this course runs now only once a year. If you want to join me make sure you save your spot by clicking the 'join the waiting list' button below


Include all live teachings, booklet of mindfulness teachings and exercises, recorded meditations, personal feedback live and via email



For returning students: 240CHF | Use the code I'M BACK

Full fees


For returning students: 280CHF | Use the code I'M BACK

* If you are recovering from or dealing with trauma or burn-out please CONTACT ME FIRST before signing up for the course

“Just before the course I came out of a burn out. I got back to normal life and it felt overwhelming.


After 6 weeks I’m happy to see a lot has changed. I used to think “it’s not going to work this normal life”, “(the burn out) is going to happen again”. I had a lot of negative thoughts like that.


But now I know how to allow these thoughts to be without getting stuck on them and I have much more positive thoughts. If I see what’s happening in my mind I know that it’s nature and I have the tools to cope with it”

Marina P.

"I really enjoyed the meditation class. It was a special experience to meditate with other people and it felt like a very welcoming and comforting place to me.


It's helpful to be able to share thoughts and experiences with others. I enjoyed your teaching style - I appreciate the thoughtfulness you put into your classes. 


Meditation helped me reconnect with myself, to better understand my own needs and desires."

Sabrina N.

"I really enjoyed your supportive way of teaching! And that you answered questions by emails, always very quickly, was also very helpful, as well as the recorded meditations

Now during the day I sometimes take a step back and pause, not filling every moment with activity. And I try not to do everything at the same time and enjoy the situation I'm in more.


I am still at the beginning of that and learning how to do best, but you made me feel ok with little steps :)"

Andrea M.


Why do I need to learn the foundations to mindfulness meditation?

Many come to meditation with the aim to calm down and reduce stress but as soon as they sit down and close their eyes they feel attacked by many thoughts, can't relax and conclude that meditation is not for them or that they have simply failed.


You cannot fail in meditation, but you need the guidance to learn how to deal with thoughts and feelings to be able to enjoy the benefits of mindfulness meditation.

Many have benefited from the Introduction to meditation course, even after attending a few MBSR courses, and other meditation trainings.


Why should I sign up with you?

The word mindfulness is used nowadays like a chewing gum. So when it's introduced without the depth of hands-on experience too often it doesn't lead to the desired effects.

I have practiced Insight meditation and Zen meditation in dozens of silent retreats courses and daily guided practices since 2002 under internationally renowned teachers, amongst them Christopher Titmuss, Jack Kornfild, Stephen & Martine Bachlor, Charles & Patricia Genoud. I know how to bring the teachings into a "down-to-earth" approach that allows ANYONE to meditate. I've been infusing the teachings with my own life-long conversation with the arts, poetry, writing and personal transformation, and thus bring many influences to what I call contemporary meditation teachings.

What's the difference between mindfulness and meditation?

It's like the difference between the wave and the sea. Mindfulness is the wave and it rests in the sea of meditation.


Mindfulness happens when you're fully and actively aware of whatever it is you're engaged with - at the present moment. So not after the fact, but in real time.

You can be mindful of eating lots of cakes or mindful of talking unkindly to your partner, what really matters is how you apply mindfulness to facilitate the changes you're interested in. This you're going to learn in this course.


Mindfulness meditation is the cornerstone of balancing your nervous system and discovering new ways of engaging with problems, because before you know what needs to happen you need to know what is actually happening. 

I don't have much time to practice at home, I'm very busy, will this course still benefit me?


It's a no-brainer that whatever you do frequently you will become good at - so it is with meditation. BUT, this course will give you ways to tap into mindfulness even while doing every-day activities. This means you can enjoy the benefits of this course at any time. In fact, each week includes specific instructions and recommendations on how to weave in this practice into your daily life.

Is 6 weeks too short? too long? What can I really expect to learn in 6 weeks?

Bear in mind that this is a foundations course. So you will definitely learn the  4 foundations of mindfulness.

This course will also equip you with the tools to stop the whirlpool of negative emotions, to cool anxiety and stress, to feel good about your practice whether in a group or at home and to step away from self-judgment and self-criticism.

For deeper learning, please check out my retreats and other courses.

I've offered this course in this format 6 times so far. The insights, clarity and transformation I've witnessed have shown that 6 weeks is a good formula for this course.

Is it a Buddhist or a religious course?

This course is a secular course. I draw the knowledge from my extensive practice in Buddhist meditation, but I do not use Buddhist language, so do not fear. It's not about the jargon but about the first-hand experience you will be guided through in order to gain your own depth and understanding. My practice is infused with other contemplative practices such as poetry, Aikido, painting, conscious dialogue and more. This course is designed to provide you with a basic but profound understanding of the teachings of this ancient practice in a modern orientation.

Before the course started I didn’t feel like I belong here, whatever that ‘here’ means. But now I feel I have myself again. I can feel myself again. I don’t feel so outside of it all”

Selina F.

I did this course before but I felt I could do more with what I have. I wanted to get out this comfort zone in Switzerland where everything is organised well for you. I thought “surely there’s something more”. Not materially but in terms of experiences. The course has enriched me so much and I’ll do it all over again and again”

Zuzana D.

“It’s been a forward movement. Before the course I felt stuck. I learned it’s about expression and learned new ways to communicate with myself. It opened up new pathways and also new ways to interact with old spiritual practices I’ve had” 

Sarah T.

"I really enjoyed the feeling of community when coming to this class each week to meditate together with the other participants. I especially enjoyed the teachings and stories Shelly shared in between the meditation.


I think one of the most important lessons from the course is the importance of developing an awareness around my thoughts and feelings that I can take with me into my daily life, which makes me more conscious about how I interact with my family and friends."

Guro D.

"I really enjoyed the classes and I already miss them. 


For me the meditation is very helpful to calm down and to relax when I feel stressed and nervous and also when having too many thoughts in my mind. I am still not meditating regularly but at least from time to time when I am actually not feeling well.

The course helped me to find my weak points and problems and address them."

Anna T.

"I really enjoyed these evenings where I was coming meditating. It was the warm nest of the winter. I will miss them. I also enjoyed a lot your insights and feedback, surprising and on the spot... as well as for the meditation, it gave me perspective on my practice and strengthen it at the same time."

Aurore S.

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