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Breaking Through Continuous Anxiety

When your heart pulsates fast

and your sense of security seems like it

took a run down the rear emergency stairs

When your stomach stews in the acidity of uncertainty

and you wished the questions about your future

were the straw on Rapunzel’s wheel being spun into gold

Your mind screams:

“How can I get out of here? What can I DO?”

If there’s one thing you could do,

one life-saving belt you could reach out to,

then turn within

and listen to your heart

as it asks you:

“How can you give me more love right now?

Will you stop fighting with me as I need you to be here for me?

Can you reach a comforting hand to me and not try to fix anything,

not the tightness in the throat,

the stabbing in the lower back,

the heaviness of the feet,

but just be here with me,

be here with me. “

This might feel at first

like death.

And something will indeed die,

the anxiety

that feeds from the thought that

there is a better place

than being fully present

to yourself

just as you are

right now.

Nothing can beat a loving presence

Not even anxiety

Not even the most treacherous future scenario

Nothing is stronger than

the presence of love.

Do just this one thing

and everything in your life

will spin

around the axis of love

like light

chasing away the darkness of the night.


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Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

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