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There’s a way to remother your innermost being,

to give a satiating response to unmet needs and wishes,

without feeling overwhelmed, daunted or risking falling apart

This cherished, even life-changing work, which I came to name Life Alignment, combines both my personal and professional experiences of healing my own mother wound. 

Every healer, psychotherapist, coach, meditation teacher or space holder I have ever been to has given me something.

But how do all those different nuggets of gold fit together? That I had to figure out for myself.

There’s a reason why Life Alignment has helped hundreds of women from around the world. 

The three essential elements of Life Alignment create a safe and empowering container for all the dimensions of your being, and their combination results in a highly personalised and intuitive journey that heals the mother wound.

With these three elements working together, you gain the ability to give much-needed medicine to all your bodies—physical, spiritual, emotional and energetic.

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Your Heart Knowing may feel confused, deceptive or fleeting now, but it has never left you.


Witnessing what you already know deep within yourself brings your Heart Knowing to life. This releases you from the tenacious grip of shame and guilt.

Trusting your own heart is the source of trust in your own way of being, your choices, your vision, your life’s trajectory.

Awakening your own heart’s wisdom goes against everything we are programmed to believe about ourselves as women. This is where healing breaks the karmic loop of mother wound back to your ancestors and forward to your own children.

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To rewrite your story you need to access parts of you that don't operate on a the mental level.


An embodied, experience-based process has the capacity to inform your mental emotional, physical and spiritual faculties, thereby helping you create a new sense of self.

Body attunement is how "I-get-it" moments are integrated. This facilitates the transforming of limiting beliefs and dismantles the sense of feeling not-enough.

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The mother is a generative force in our life. Without it our innermost being starves. To rebirth yourself into the version of yourself that inspires you, there’s a need to pace the process in a way that feels nurturing, soothing and appreciative, not only to the strong part in you but also to the parts that need more time to show up.

This element is so powerful. It’s like drinking divine nectar that gives your emotional body all the nutrients it needs in order to supplement areas that have been deprived and malnourished.

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Incorporating these three elements means that you can finally:

  • be free from triggers

  • know how to set clear boundaries

  • move through life with audacity

  • have an appreciative connection with your body

  • and all together step into the fulness of your sense of self, your relationships and your calling

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If this makes sense to you and you're ready to make it your own I invite you to work with me. Click the button below to learn more.



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The meetings with Shelly gave sapce and validated everything that exists within me, the most charged feelings and experiences, the inner chaos but also the possibility to go way beyond the familiar boundaries of myself.

Her presence allowed me to meet and grow myself into wholeness.

L.A. Psychotherpaist, Israel

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