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Life  Alignment

Where the life you want

and the life you have

come together

Do you long to just be fully and beautifully yourself?

Without feeling you're too much, not enough or reduced by shame and guilt..

Are you ready to heal old wounds?

Give space to grow from loss, grief, or unfulfilled dreams...

Is your heart attracted to connect with something bigger?

To get through challenging feelings

or important life questions

and discover the powerful woman within, 

free to claim your space!


"What is it you plan to do with your one wild precious life?"

~Mary Oliver

When something in life just doesn't feel right,

when you have a sense of being stuck,

or you keep going through the same old loops,

it can get quite frustrating.

There's an underlying feeling that where you long to be in your life

is out of synch with the life you actually have.

You probably already have tools, maybe many,

yet you're not sure how to close the gap

between you and the life you want.

You sense or perhap know from experince

it's possible, just out of reach somehow!

What you do know

is that whatever it is, it's making it difficult for you to

feel fulfilled and truly happy

and perhaps that with each day passing you're not true to your heart

You are not alone.

I can imagine that if you
don't know what it's like to get someone

to help you with your most intimate feelings and life struggles

it can be scary to trust another person to be able to

guide you in the right direction.

If in the past you've invested energy, time, trust,

not to mention money, in working through 'issues',

I get it that it might still not be easy to step into another commitment,

to get into a deep exploration or face yourself and say

that you can't get through this one alone.

"Shelly is an emotional, mental and energetic genius/detective. Her ability to hold space and invite you into places inside of yourself you didn't know where there is exquisite.


As a therapist myself, it's rare for someone to be able to support and guide me through blocks in my growth.


Thank you for allowing me to open my heart and mind, Shelly. "

Amber Hawken, Australia

Meditation teacher, Therpasit & founder of Calm Mind Co


"In a sea of healers, practitioners, therapists and the like — Shelly and her gifts stand out.


I started deeply unhappy with the state of my life yet unsure and paralyzed in terms of how to move forward. In ways it felt like a leap of faith to work with Shelly, but quickly I realized this was exactly the soul-medicine I needed.


Showing up to my sessions with Shelly, I felt a strong sense of coming home to myself, with candles lit and tea waiting. She was my safe space and guide as we explored deep matters of the heart and unraveled patterns in my life that no longer served me.


I felt genuinely loved and cared for in her presence. Shelly is wise and authentic, practical too, and has unwavering faith.


By the end of our work together, I was ready to follow my heart -- I made a bold decision in my life and it's propelled me forward. I will forever be grateful for the lasting impression Shelly has made on my heart and happiness. I highly recommend enlisting Shelly's support if you want to move your life in the direction of true joy and fulfillment

Stefanie K., New York



Few things I've learned over the years...


No matter what insights you've gained about why your experiences and feelings are what they are, if your heart isn't in it you’ll find it practically impossible to follow through with commitments for growth or change.

Without awareness of how your body is profoundly engaged in the process of unlocking what you don’t like about your life - you’ll still get triggered by the same relationship types or unhelpful patterns, not fully able to speak up your mind or express your needs.

The best ‘how to’ practices and advice will never be a replacement for learning how to respect your own rhythm and trust your inner wisdom.

If you’re not being asked the poignant questions

that will make you realise

you’ve lost a precious jewel you once had,

you won’t go out looking for it.



Knowing yourself is not the same as knowing things about yourself.

In you, there are parts which are wiser and stronger than any fear or concern you experience right now. I imagine you using those parts to break the walls of the ego, so you can heal any inner sense of division and inhabit a space of ease and freedom.

There is a space free from judgment and full of clarity, that allows self acceptance to be the strongest voice from within. I imagine you claiming that voice as your natural expression.

Change is absolutely possible -- each time you choose the choice that's based on love.

Hidden by the dense forest of old wounds awareness shines the light on that love. It helps you rewrite disempowering inner narratives and design a forward-movement that makes sense to your life.

"In times where I thought no one else could help me, when I had lost all hope, Shelly helped me to help myself. She helped me transform what was stuck and what was dark, into something beautiful.


I was filled with fear, grief and anxiety and all the conventional, as well as unconventional ways I seeked out, were not helping, or only partly.


Her way to look at life and the soul itself is amazing and refreshing. Her insights and questions she posed helped me move forward, on my own, without any external help needed.


I would recommend working with Shelly any time, for whatever reason."

Caro H.,, London UK

Singer & song writer

Wayne Grundy insta black and white.jpg

"Shelly's openness, curiosity, sensitivity and incomparable sense of humour, coupled with clear leadership has helped me a lot to re-think and change my life. 

I worked with Shelly on things like shame, healing childhood trauma, feeling not-enough and finding a sense of belonging. 

I used our work on stage and in life. I have managed to overcome stage-fear, that though I worked on it before, this time it was gone for good. She is a really good supporter also on the phone in emergencies. 

I am grounded and free ME on stage and in life. I feel much clearer, strengthened inwardly, soft and powerful at the same time.”

Melanie Forgerson. Switzerland, Opera Singer


"Before you tell your life what you

intend to do with it,

listen for what it intends to do with you.


Before you tell your life what truths and values you have decided to live up to,

let your life tell you what truths you embody,

what values you represent.”


~Parker Palmer



I'm an extro-introvert, a rebel against labels, who loves to be surprised and find new ways of expression.


I've been driven all my life by the hunger to understand what it means to be JUST ME. It terrified and fascinated me at the same time.


My journey was not a straight line. I was a computer programmer, a professional dancer, a chef, a coffee shop owner and a business consultant for effective social change.

Over the past 20 years I've sat in over a dozen long silent meditation retreats getting intimate with the scariest inner demons and most precious places within myself. I have had years of  psychotherapy, countless workshops and trainings in family constellation, yoga, Thai massage, breath work, aikido, psychodrama and other healing and self-growth modalities.

I believe that we're all wired with what we need to solve our questions and face the more demanding  / charged situations, but this knowledge is stripped out of us from day one.

I help those who live a connected and engaged life when they deal with charged feeling and want to know, trust and express themselves more deeply.

Life Alignment is an amalgamation of all my personal and professional experiences moulded into a therapeutic coaching system based on awareness.

So far, I have worked with more than a hundred individuals worldwide in both private and retreat settings.

I care for a world where people are autonomous in their feelings and creative thought, feel loved and are able to express love freely.



A coaching journey is tailored according to your specific needs. There's no one-size-fits-all agenda you need to squueze yourself into.


For satisfying and long-lasting results I've learned that one needs to go all-in and commit to a minimum of 3 months one-to-one.

The magic of intensity helps you not only to break through old patterns or current challenges but also to create an embodied way of being that sticks with you.

There are two Life alignment packages -- either 3 or 6 month. Single session are not available.

Packages' fees start from 2500CHF.

Based on heart-to-heart conversations and awareness practices, our focus can be on different types of life scenarios such as:

IMG_1753 for website.jpeg

● Finding your way through life changes, fresh ones or ones you've held back from for years

● Cultivating healthy boundaries and saying No without feeling like an asshole

Learning how to speak up, trust yourself, express your needs without shame and guilt

● Navigating your way through relationship issues

● Discovering a sense of belonging

● Healing from a troubling impact your relationship with your mother has had on you

● Making sense of life when you feel lost, confused, despondent or demotivated

● Healing from trauma

● Dealing with grief, loss, burn out or depression

Resolving challenging feelings that seem to stand in your way, such as anger, sadness, jealousy


  • Weekly or bi-weekly sessions. Sessions are 60 minutes long held online or face-to-face in Zurich.

  • Unlimited email support

  • Tailor-made meditations, visualisations and/or suggestions for reading, as seems fit and helpful

  • Recordings of each session

  • PDF summary of the main insight for each session

  • Unique tailored practices to bring your insight alive in your daily life


If you're curious to see how Life Alignment one-on-one works for your specific needs, how well we jam together and what I can offer you - your next step is very easy:

  • Click the link below to book a time for a free call of 30-60 minuets to get to know each other

  • Fill out an application form. It will help me get to prepare for our call

  • You'll receive a confirmation email with a zoom link to our call

  • The call will allow us to experience our connection, and you will have the opportunity to introduce me to that part or parts of yourself that you feel need attention. Together we will see what seeds we will need to plant for you to grow a life-space that feels nourishing, alive and rooted in the vision you have for yourself

  • At the end of the call, if you feel right about continuing the work together, I will share the details about coaching packages that can fit your needs

Reach out for a FREE call

"Shelly is a coach's coach. Her intelligence is matched by her integrity and ability.


Shelly’s skill set meets the particular demands of professionals in coaching and mental health. Her deep knowledge of social science, social psychology and spirituality is beautifully partnered with an intuitive feeling for the soul of the individual.

Whilst my body and mind were in conversation, it was Shelly that held the space where I could connect the conversation with inner spirituality. She speaks from the soul. She creates trust. This awakens and evokes the soul of others.


I completed my coaching with Shelly feeling centred, awakened and prepared. "

Lynda Heffernan, Switzerland

Coach, therapist & Founder of Kaizen mind


"Shelly was recommended to me by a dear friend during a period of my life when many things had quickly changed and I felt overwhelmed. Shelly convicened me of her being and work during our very first meeting.


I felt like she could see through me and like she was very trustworthy on a deep level. She is intelligent, strong and soft at the same time.


Shelly helped me rediscover my path, heal wounds and become more of ME. Her way of analysing and looking at life is extraordinary."

Agnetha Vonarburg. Switzerland, Master of ceremony, owner of Wort-Gold

Website II.jpg

I was at the point where I didn’t know how to handle the dynamic of my relationship with my mum anymore.

I really appreciated that you offered a first free meeting. The financial investment was a little hesitation for me and it gave me a sense of your approach. I would recommend working with you 200%!!!


It helped me to start by just observing myself –the patterns, triggers and belief system– and actually not needing to do anything. You are so immensely supportive. In situations, between sessions, when I needed you, you were there.

I love the combination of practical inputs and at the same time, being guided into meditation and allowing the messages to come from within that space. 


I made a trip with my mum to my aunt’s funeral where I spent three full days with my mum. I was a little bit nervous about the intensity but I cannot tell you how much I was thinking of you - we had such a good trip. I was relaxed and we had really good time that we’ve never had before.  

Andrina Tisi, Switzerland.

Coach & Teacher


Some FAQs:

If you want to get clearer on how Life Alignment can help you with your specific needs, have a real human contact beyond this two-dimensional space and learn which package would work best for you, you're welcome to a free get-together call

"Shelly has been helping me through a difficult moment in my life. I have separated from my husband of 30 years. When I speak with Shelly, I feel encouraged and inspired.  I come away feeling comforted and enlivened, and at the same time focused. 

Shelly points to the deeper meaning of what is happening. She holds the space for me. I feel so grateful and appreciative of my contact with her. Thank you Shelly!!"

Linda G., Italy

Photo on 6-2-18 at 7.12 PM.jpg

"When you recommend something or someone there's an attempt to define what it is you are really recommending, what quality you're pointing to....

With Shelly there are so many things amongst the abundance of beautiful things that happen, like there is a voice inside of us that has a special sound, and then suddenly you realise it's actually your own voice - that kind of magic."

Orit A., Israel,


"Shelly mediates between my deepest wishes and myself, help uncover and expose them gently and in my own rhythm. I love so much our meetings and wait for them, I know that after each meeting another layer is shed and I get closer to myself.

Shelly is professional, full of wisdom, intuitive and has tremendous knowledge. Aside all that she is sensitive, charming and caring. 


I recommend anyone who's looking for a change and personal development the Life Alignment meetings with Shelly"

Efrat S., Israel


"Working with Shelly enabled me to settle more fully and respectfully within myself, discovering the inner landscapes anew, beyond the imprisoning preconceptions I had cultivated about myself. 

Her beautiful deconditioning presence freed up courage inside me to say yes to a 'greater me', and say yes to following the path of my vocation with greater confidence and determination"

Seraina, Switzerland

Seraina propile pic_edited_edited.jpg


I know that working one-on-one feels vulnerable and you want to make sure you're making the right decision.


If what you've read speaks to you but you need a bit more space to digest, here's something that will help you with that--When you sign up to the Museletter you'll receive a free gift: THE THREE ESSENTIAL KEYS TO HEALING THE MOTHER WOUND.


You'll also receive every Friday a heartfelt letter about healing the mother wound, information about products, programs and some magical treats. And we'll get to know each other bit better.


Why the free call?

It can feel really tender to 'pick up the phone' and begin telling a stranger the most intimate wishes and struggles and also consider a long term commitment. My wish is that a free engagement will release some of the tension.


Our mind can come up with many reasons why it's not safe (through the mind's eyes) to reach out for support –– "I need to get my thoughts sorted out first" ; "I don't have the money/energy/time" ; "I should try and solve this one by myself first". If a free chat helps you get support immediately I'd like that for you.

Also, I want for myself to see if our vibes chime well together. Just like you, I too commit here for a journey and I'd like to feel happy and excited when I'm working with people.

Am I going to feel pressured to buy?

This call is not a sale's pitch. It's not a manipulation to get you into a trap.


Hopefully this page has given you enough to see if  making contact is the right next step. If what you've read resonantes with you, getting in touch is more about finding out how Life Alignment can serve you personally, get a more detailed picture of what could be possible through this work.

How do I know if I'm ready for this?

This is a really personal question, because what does 'ready really mean?!  For some people ready means reaching a breaking point, for others it's a sense of ripeness.


We hate to admit that but, we tend to seek out for help mostly when we're reaching a breaking point. We run ourselves ragged without getting the needed support and attention, our heart is sore, relationships are a painful topic …. And once we go over a certain edge, something in the heart and willpower breaks. What follows is sinking into submission to the way things are or a lack of believe that life could be different. Some quietly carrying their disappointment within themselves. Others fall into constant tiredness or become rigid and impatient with themselves or others.

Be honest with yourself: How close are you to the edge? How long are you willing to carry on like this and push yourself to the limit of "I can take it"?


And if after all you still feel and hear your heart's wishes calling out for some relief and fulfilment, then in my view, you are ready.

Who is it not for?

You're not ready to get into a committed coaching journey where you'll be challenged to move towards the space you want to be in your life. You're just not there yet and feel more called to try some of this, some of that.

Also, you don't have to define yourself as 'spiritual'. But if anything close to spiritual or spirituality gives you a rash, then I'm sorry my friend, you'll get a rash.

Do I need to know how to meditate to work with you?

Not at all. Meditation is a means to an end. The end, love, is living life. How you do that is a matter of choice (hopefully a conscious one).

There are infinite ways to awaken awareness and become more full and mindful. We'll work with whatever speaks to you.

How much time do I actually need to invest in between sessions?

I love your question! It's up to you. It doesn't take a genius to understand that the more time and energy you devote to practice the more it benefits you.

Life Alignment is specifically designed to be incorporated into your daily life easily with no added time invested. It works miracles!

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