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Healing the Mother Wound Ongoing Coaching Group

Application is Open


What do you need in order 

to feel comfortable showing up 

in a way that embodies your wholeness?

For most, it’s about having the confidence, but also knowing that you’ll be embraced with appreciation in your full presence and that you’re not alone in your need for change and love


But”, you might think to yourself, “shouldn’t I already have that confidence and knowing with all the work I’ve done on myself?

It can be surprising to discover that with all the undeniable growth in your personal, intimate sphere, which has helped you undo a lot of limiting beliefs and gain clarity around underserving habits, there should still be some difficulty in bringing your new sense of self into your relationships with others.

Often our tendency is to explain our shortcomings with some form of self-blame, guilt or minimising—maybe you haven’t practiced enough, maybe you needed to go to another coach, maybe you need to be more disciplined….

For women like you, there’s also the inner pressure from the expectation that with so much experience with healing and self-help modalities you should already be able to sail through the unknown more smoothly and not be bogged down by familiar issues when they arise.

There could be a seed of truth in that, but when you consider the forces women work against in society, when you consider that others might feel very comfortable with your lack of boundaries, for example, and are not as enthusiastic as you are about change, you might want to cut yourself some slack.

With so many women discovering the mother wound, you might be open to speaking about your experiences, but others may not quite be there yet. Still, for you it’s like the missing piece. 


Perhaps, you already know that a cohesive life story is not just what you tell yourself

but what you're able to tell the world


Many coaching groups focus on content and gaining knowledge which is invigorating and helps to make sense of things.

In your daily life, though, when an old belief system kicks in or when a wound resurfaces and takes over with familiar habits, what you’re probably seeking is a presence that can show up in an embodied, empowering way.

And in spite of the plethora of offers for women such as setting boundaries, connecting to your inner goddess or discovering your authentic voice, what hasn’t really been considered is how the mother wound, both in its personal and collective manifestation, holds many women bound to smallness in their sense of self, within relationships or in their career.


Over the past two years, there has been a massive shift in the social and political spheres. We’ve reached places that we never thought we would see. While others may have “gone back to normal”, you might feel that something deeper is being asked of you. You know that being a woman in this time means Something.


I want you to know that even if others don’t see what you see, even if you never get a heart-to-heart conversation with your mother where she gives you the tenderness, understanding or reassurance you need—it’s still possible to speak your truth, to claim your space and find a sweet belonging, and most of all to let go of a pain that seems impossible to release.

It Takes A Village

After years of being part of many communities, I’ve learned that there’s really only one thing that makes a difference in our lives and helps us heal the mother wound on the personal but also social and political level:

Feeling deeply safe and truly seen by others.

Because we are social beings, your nervous system is always looking for signs of safety, be it physical, emotional, energetic or spiritual. And because our nervous system responds to experiences, you can always acquire new ones that change the way you feel about yourself and the world around you into a secure sense of being.

Whether this speaks to you because you want to feel more at home with family, friends and colleagues or because your eyes are tuned into wider social, political and spiritual spheres, the coherence of your presence is reaffirmed in a group in a way that’s not possible in a one-to-one setting.

“The roots of resilience are to be found in the sense of being understood by and existing in the mind and heart of a loving, attuned, and self-possessed other.”


~Diana Fosha

Hi, I’m Shelly. I have under my belt two decades of practice and teaching women how to live a fuller life through different modalities. I consider the intense Buddhist meditator training I started in 2001 to be my “upbringing” though I’ve also acquired a master’s degree specialising in mental health, had training in yoga, tai chi, NLP and body therapist amongst others. 

To the healing of the mother wound I come first from a personal story.

Born to a mentally ill mother I was challenged from the word go. From infant starvation trauma to being eventually completely abandoned. To my extended family, I was always too much, wanted too much, until I got the message that I’d better stay small and quiet.

After gaining confidence in myself through being a ballet dancer, a coffeeshop owner and a leading business consultant for the evaluation of social change, I felt ready to follow my life’s calling and help women on a journey of healing the mother wound to deepen their sense of wholeness within themselves, in relationships and with their professional success.


I packaged all my life experiences and professional training into what I call Life Alignment.


All those years in communities and spiritual group I’ve always felt that something was missing.

It was only when I started my Hakomi psychotherapy training that I realised what it was—a capacity to move beyond self-growth into fulness in the relational dimension.

I was, perhaps like you, traumatised by (spiritual) groups a few times. But I did acquire new experiences, just like the ones I’m offering you, that changed the way I’m able to show up and added the missing pieces.

With your unfolding you start manifesting your magic



Healing the Mother Wound


Ongoing coaching group

The intention of WOMEN OF WHOLENESS coaching group is to provide a space for women who live a connected life and want to deepen the healing of their mother wound so they can transfer with greater ease their personal growth into relational dimensions, to show up more fully in their lives.

The group’s focus is twofold: to provide a body of practices for healing the mother wound and to facilitate a group dynamic that helps women foster more easily the kind of dynamics they aspire to in their daily life.

It’s an intimate group of no more than 8 women, ensuring there’s enough space and time for each woman to feel seen and find her way to what she needs the most.

To avoid a revolving-door situation, you’ll be asked to commit to six months of participation. 


  • Two 90-minute coaching meetings a month

  • Two special workshops with guests (within the term of six months) on themes such as: using voice to regulate your nervous system, fairytales as a way to re-narrate your personal story, breath work for healing and so much more.

  • Access to an exclusive page with meditations and supportive content

  • Access to recordings of all coaching sessions

  • Limitless access to email communication with me


  • Space: Meeting online via Zoom

  • Time: Mondays, 90 minutes, 18.00 CET / 17.00 BST/ 12.00 EST

  • Frequency: twice a month for coaching with me & twice within the six months for extended special workshops

  • Dates for the next 6 months: 2022: Sep 5 & 19, October 3 & 17 & 31, Nov 14 & 28, Dec 12,

2023: Jan 9 & 23, Feb 6 & 20

  • Workshops with guests will be notified separately to participants at least one month ahead.



It’s been a loooong time since I last offered a coaching group, so I’m offering launch rates. 

To be transparent, the rates might go up after the first round of six months but for continuing participants rates will not change!


There are two payment options:

  • One-time payment for the whole six months: 1,740 CHF (works as 290CHF a month)

  • Instalments: Six monthly instalments of 320 CHF each



To ensure a good fit we’ll start by having a chat—click the button below and schedule a time with me.

After our call, once there’s a decision, I’ll send you a clarity agreement to sign and set the payment according to your chosen option.

"Shelly is a coach's coach. Her intelligence is matched by her integrity and ability.


Shelly’s skill set meets the particular demands of professionals in coaching and mental health. Her deep knowledge of social science, social psychology and spirituality is beautifully partnered with an intuitive feeling for the soul of the individual.

Whilst my body and mind were in conversation, it was Shelly that held the space where I could connect the conversation with inner spirituality. She speaks from the soul. She creates trust. This awakens and evokes the soul of others.


I completed my coaching with Shelly feeling centred, awakened and prepared. "

Lynda Heffernan, Switzerland

Coach, therapist & Founder of Kaizen mind


I was at the point where I didn’t know how to handle the dynamic of my relationship with my mum anymore.

I really appreciated that you offered a first free meeting. The financial investment was a little hesitation for me and it gave me a sense of your approach. I would recommend working with you 200%!!!


It helped me to start by just observing myself –the patterns, triggers and belief system– and actually not needing to do anything. You are so immensely supportive. In situations, between sessions, when I needed you, you were there.

I love the combination of practical inputs and at the same time, being guided into meditation and allowing the messages to come from within that space. 


I made a trip with my mum to my aunt’s funeral where I spent three full days with my mum. I was a little bit nervous about the intensity but I cannot tell you how much I was thinking of you - we had such a good trip. I was relaxed and we had really good time that we’ve never had before.  

Andrina Tisi, Switzerland.

Coach & Teacher

  • Can I join the coaching group instead of one-on-one?
    Group meetings and one-on-one meetings have different advantages and cannot be a replacement of one another but can definitely be complementary. The biggest advantage of one-on-one is that the process, focus and rhythm of the meetings are tailored specifically to your needs and all of the attention is on you. A coaching group is a wonderful space to put into practice new possibilities of being in a safe and supportive space and getting the deeply healing sense that you're not alone as you share your innermost being with like-hearted women. If you’re not sure, we’ll explore that in our chat.
  • I’m dealing with trauma (or had one in the past). Will the group be a good fit for me?
    Though there’ll be an abundance of therapeutic benefits to participants of this group, it’s not a therapy group. I am trauma-informed and can support many needs and situations, yet to ensure that this group setting is the best support for what you need right now please bring this up in our chat.
  • Are there any prerequisites to participating?
    There are no real prerequisites to be able to enjoy this group. Yet, it's an advantage to have some familiarity with mindfulness-based practices. The focus of the group is on experiencing rather than merely talking. You will need to feel comfortable with or open to experience-based practices.
  • Why is there a difference in rate between the one payment and instalments?
    Paying in instalments may make this offer more feasible for you and I’m happy to offer this. At the same time, it takes more admin time and additional transaction fees which I’m unable to absorb. If it’s feasible for you to pay in advance the extra expenses are taken off the total payment.


"In times where I thought no one else could help me, when I had lost all hope, Shelly helped me to help myself. She helped me transform what was stuck and what was dark, into something beautiful.


I was filled with fear, grief and anxiety and all the conventional, as well as unconventional ways I seeked out, were not helping, or only partly.


Her way to look at life and the soul itself is amazing and refreshing. Her insights and questions she posed helped me move forward, on my own, without any external help needed.


I would recommend working with Shelly any time, for whatever reason."

Caro H.,, London UK

Singer & song writer

Wayne Grundy insta black and white.jpg

"Shelly's openness, curiosity, sensitivity and incomparable sense of humour, coupled with clear leadership has helped me a lot to re-think and change my life. 

I worked with Shelly on things like shame, healing childhood trauma, feeling not-enough and finding a sense of belonging. 

I used our work on stage and in life. I have managed to overcome stage-fear, that though I worked on it before, this time it was gone for good. She is a really good supporter also on the phone in emergencies. 

I am grounded and free ME on stage and in life. I feel much clearer, strengthened inwardly, soft and powerful at the same time.”

Melanie Forgerson. Switzerland, Opera Singer



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