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Working with Triggers 101

Thank you all who sent me notes about my previous email on getting triggered. It truly warms my heart to learn that this can be so useful to you.

I will be giving a free bonus workshop on Working Through Triggers for those who join the coaching group by August 5th.

It's interesting that we tend to think about triggers as bad things.

The truth is that everything, even good things that we desire, can trigger us

Triggers cannot be superficially categorised as bad or good.

They’re a spark that turns your defence mechanism on and puts into motion any limiting beliefs you’ve unconsciously developed as part of your mother wound (or any other wound).

The important thing is to learn what turns your automatic defence on that leads your emotional body to feel somehow under attack. This allows you to work through it and, with repetition, to defuse the trigger’s explosive charge.

I’d like to share with you today a case study from my coaching work which will give you a sense of what kind of support, experiences and healing are available to you when you join the coaching group.