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When an Opportunity Becomes a Trap

We spend so much of our time fretting about what we should do in order to become who we’ve decided is the best version of ourselves.

The more energy we bring to thinking about the right choice to make, the smart action to take, the right route to embark on, the more we drown in worry and doubt.

Is there really one choice that is right, one decision that is perfect, one path that is complete?

When an opportunity presents itself and you’re not clear whether to take it or not, you need to know how to discern between a real opportunity and a trap.

The key to the transformation we yearn for comes from deepening our conversation with life.

Imagine a conversation around the ‘right-one’ questions. You tell your friend how you feel and s/he tells you what is the right feeling to have. You go on to tell your friend what you’re planning to do tomorrow evening and s/he tells you what is the right way to do it. You tell your friend what you’re concerned about and they tell you what is the right concern you should really worry about.

It feels enervating even just to write this. And yet, I’m aware that not only do we sometimes get caught in conversations like this with others, but it’s the kind of conversation we have with ourselves too.

And we are tired. We’re tired of being afraid of making a mistake, taking the wrong turn in life. We’re tired of worrying. We’re tired of carrying the responsibility of being successful. We’re tired because we don’t sleep well. We’re tired of so many things.

But there is a way out.

There’s a way that leads towards the place of feeling complete that is rejuvenating and filled with satiating, nourishing answers.

There’s a way of resting while being in movement.

A way of loving while making decisions come alive.

There’s a way to weigh the opportunities life presents you with not against what you stand to lose if you don’t take them, but against how an opportunity exercises your trust in yourself, how it allows you to lean into your intuition.

Any opportunity you encounter — a job position, a relocation, a publication — is an opportunity to learn how to trust your inner wisdom. If it starts contracting you and spinning your body into a madness of self-doubt, the opportunity has become a trap.

When you’re not weighing options but listening deeply to your inner movements the answer will be clear.

The only opportunity we’re ever presented with is the one that allows us to express love — to ourselves, to others, to the world.


Here’s an opportunity! On October 24th I’m offering a Life Alignment coaching & meditation workshop: Self-Doubt Detox

9:30 - 13:30 in my amazingly beautiful new place in Zurich (see it here).

I’ve coached and helped hundreds of people to shift from self-doubt to self-trust.

The reason my method is so effective is because it teaches people how to learn from the cues of their own body and translate those into decisions that work out for them.

Many who’ve participated this workshop before said it was really helpful to go through this process in a group and feel less alone with their doubts and dilemmas.

In this workshop you’ll:

  • Understand why you get stuck in self-doubt

  • Learn what are your most common self-doubt traps and how to avoid them

  • Discover the three top ways to stop wasting energy on doubting yourself and step into confidence and clarity

Participation is based on pay-from-the-heart. When you sign up you’ll be asked to pay 30CHF to keep your spot. This is non-refundable when cancelling less than ten days before the workshop, unless someone else takes your spot.

Space is limited to 10 people.

To save your spot, click the button below.


Shelly helpS women who live a connected, engaged life when they feel stuck in relationships or with their vocational life because their needs are downplayed or they're confused about the next step, and want to be a full & authentic expression of themselves.

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