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When an Opportunity Becomes a Trap

We spend so much of our time fretting about what we should do in order to become who we’ve decided is the best version of ourselves.

The more energy we bring to thinking about the right choice to make, the smart action to take, the right route to embark on, the more we drown in worry and doubt.

Is there really one choice that is right, one decision that is perfect, one path that is complete?

When an opportunity presents itself and you’re not clear whether to take it or not, you need to know how to discern between a real opportunity and a trap.

The key to the transformation we yearn for comes from deepening our conversation with life.

Imagine a conversation around the ‘right-one’ questions. You tell your friend how you feel and s/he tells you what is the right feeling to have. You go on to tell your friend what you’re planning to do tomorrow evening and s/he tells you what is the right way to do it. You tell your friend what you’re concerned about and they tell you what is the right concern you should really worry about.

It feels enervating even just to write this. And yet, I’m aware that not only do we sometimes get caught in conversations like this with others, but it’s the kind of conversation we have with ourselves too.