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Life Alignment coaching & meditation workshop
for shifting to self-trust and inner wisdom

October 24th, 09:30 - 13:30, Zurich


The experience of self-doubt can be so debilitating. It robs you of the freedom to make choices of your own accord, leaving you vulnerable to other people’s views, opinions and suggestions.


You can spend hours weighing pros and cons, getting messed up in your head, never feeling confident enough to just settle peacefully on one course of action.


Self-doubt is also the breeding ground for regret — at the time when an opportunity or decision presents itself you’re under the spell of self-doubt and unable to take what you know in your heart to be the right way forward, and weeks or even years later you feel the pang of regret.

In the years I’ve been helping people to clear out self-doubt, I’ve seen so many examples of how self-doubt eats up a person's sovereignty: 

  • Women who kept hitting a ceiling, not landing the rewarding positions or finances their skills and qualifications warranted. They had an intimation of what they should do but were taken over by self-doubt, and found themselves stuck in the same place

  • Women who suffered from burnout or depression, and although they knew deep inside what needed to happen for them to get back into a life of meaning and joy, their own voices were drowned out by overpowering patterns of self-doubt

  • Women who allowed others (partners, parents, etc...) to make decisions for them and who at some point didn’t even recognise what they really wanted, and doubted their capacity to stand up for their own truth 


Even though self-doubt can feel like a struggle through a dense fog in the forest, there is a way of coming out of it strengthened and equipped by unshakable self-trust.

There are many conditions that make self-doubt a deep-seated habit, all of which can be undone.

It only takes knowing yourself more deeply. Specifically:

  • Why and when you’re getting caught in self-doubt

  • How to avoid getting caught in the web of self-doubt

  • What it takes to strengthen your capacity to trust your inner voice

I’ve coached and helped hundreds of people to shift from self-doubt to self-trust.


The reason my method is so effective is because it teaches people how to learn from the cues of their own body and translate those into decisions that work out for them.

Many who’ve participated this workshop before said it was really helpful to go through this process in a group and feel less alone with their doubts and dilemmas.


I've been driven all my life by the hunger to understand what it means to be JUST ME. It terrified and fascinated me at the same time. Growing up with a mentaly ill mother, it took me many years to find the way to stop doubting myself and finding a footing in the world.


My journey was not a straight line. I was a computer programmer, a professional dancer, a chef, a coffee shop owner and a business consultant for effective social change.

Over the past 20 years I've sat in over a dozen long silent meditation retreats getting intimate with the scariest inner demons and most precious places within myself. I have had years of  psychotherapy, countless workshops and trainings in family constellation, yoga, Thai massage, breath work, aikido, psychodrama and other healing and self-growth modalities.

If any of this resonated with you, you're invited to join


Life Alignment coaching & meditation workshop

for shifting to self-trust and inner wisdom


October 24th, 09:30 - 13:30, Trittligasse 16, Zurich




  • Understand why you get stuck in self-doubt

  • Learn what are your most common self-doubt traps and how to avoid them

  • Discover the three top ways to stop wasting energy on doubting yourself and step into confidence and clarity 



Participation is based on pay-from-the-heart.

When you sign up you’ll be asked to pay 30CHF to keep your spot.

This is non-refundable when cancelling less than ten days before the workshop, unless someone else takes your spot.


Space is limited to 10 people.


  • Click the link below to make the payment

  • You'll receive a confirmation of your registration and all the details you need to know about the day, pay from the heart and address

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