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Why Sometimes SUCCESS Feels like a FAILURE

It was a pleasantly warm day and the trees surrounding the pool danced gently to the rhythm of the wind. The sun‘s rays fractalled the water‘s surface into a carpet of shimmering bubbles.

I lay on an inflatable mat and closed my eyes. Soaking in the beauty, the warmth, the rest. And the crowd of people—friends, colleagues and unfamiliar faces—huddling around the pool, applauding me, praising me.

Wait, what?!

This was the image my psyche invoked on one of the Hakomi trainings. We were guided in a meditation to imagine that we receive a prize. No matter what for, just to invoke that feeling of what it’s like to be rewarded and appreciated.

I was confused, at first, by this image. But its poignant truth penetrated the thick layers of my defences very quickly.

Yes love, you deserve to be rewarded for resting.

You are worthy of applause when you pause and float on the beauty of being part of this magnificent world.

You don’t have to be anyone special, to make excruciating efforts, to go out of your way to be praised by the people around you.

This wisdom takes a lot of undoing. For someone with a