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The Surprising Expansion that’s Available in Times of Contraction

If you have something valuable to give you have true power

Contrary to the way most of the world is operating—if you can take what you need you have power—it is in the act of giving something valuable, something illuminating that we discover our true power.

Notice just how much you’re attracted to people who don’t judge, that their energy is simple and pleasant to be around. Notice how attracted you are to spend time with those who are not overwhelmed by circumstances and are quick to volunteer a smile. Notice how drawn you are to people who listen deeply and carefully to what you share, not daunted by busyness or scarcity. This is the way of power. It unfolds from giving ourselves fully to presence, to wakefulness.

One extremely powerful way that I’ve found years ago that gave me such power was mindfulness meditation.

Dissolving my own wounds through the path of mindfulness I’ve witness a perpetuating self-doubt dissolve into dust. I’ve notice a growing sense of belonging that housed my purpose and filled me with meaning. I’ve revealed a selfhood that was much vaster than the one I lived in.

We give ourselves to presence and it leads magic to us.

That’s the kind of power, the kind of magic, I share in my course Foundations of Mindfulness Meditation.

This course has run successfully 5 times so far. This year I’m offering it only once and it will be online.

This is an experienced-based course that will help you:

  • Forge powerful tools to deal with negative thoughts and self-doubt

  • Discover what are the five common mind-traps and how to avoid them

  • Cultivate a practice that you enjoy doing alone or with a group

  • Find a sense of belonging

  • Reduce stress and elevate spontaneity, creativity and true joy

  • Grow self-love

The course draws from the Buddhist teachings of the four foundations that are necessary to establish a satisfying mindfulness practice.

Some former participants had no previous knowledge of mindfulness and found it valuable and accessible and surprisingly fun. Other former participants had previous experiences of meditation from different teachers or taking MBSR course and found it illuminating and refreshing.

Here’s a taste from the abundance of loving words that were shared with me:

“Just before the course I came out of a burn out. I got back to normal life and it felt overwhelming.

After 6 weeks I’m happy to see a lot has changed. I used to think “it’s not going to work this normal life”, “(the burn out) is going to happen again”. I had a lot of negative thoughts like that.

But now I know how to allow these thoughts to be without getting stuck on them and I have much more positive thoughts. If I see what’s happening in my mind I know that it’s nature and I have the tools to cope with it.”

“It’s been a forward movement. Before the course I felt stuck. I learned it’s about expression and learned new ways to communicate with myself. It opened up new pathways and also new ways to interact with old spiritual practices I’ve had.”

No more than ever I lean into my practice. The great uncertainty that characterises our daily life is held by the many gifts I reaped through it. It is in times like this that we find an unexpected expansion through a sacred sharing with others who care about living their lives to the full.

I wish to share this beauty with you and invite you to an exciting journey over six weeks.

Foundations of Mindfulness Course:

Finding resources for renewal

  • The course starts on March 4th until May 6th, on Thursday 6-7.30PM CET

  • The group is limited to 12 participants to ensure I can give personal feedback

  • The online classes are supplemented by recorded meditation, a beautiful designed notebook which includes the teachings with suggestions for weaving in the practice into your daily life, and personal feedback for your practice during the course via email

Registration is now open

Signing up by February 18th the fees are 290CHF AND there’s a bonus of free access to an online retreat.

There’s a special fee for returning students.

Learn more about the course and everything that is included and save your spot here


Shelly Sharon is helping those who know their gifts and strength lie in their life story and wounds, yet after all their efforts they don't seem to live that reality to the full and want to learn how to deepen their self-trust, expression and presence in there world.

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