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Can Awareness Heal Your Pain?

Inhale and exhale.







It that all there is?

Well. It’s a start.

Especially if you spend your days running

not even once noticing this magic called Breath.

How it moves in and out of your body in a symbiotic relationship with the cosmos;

how it changes the alchemy of your nervous system with just a touch of attention;

how it remembers your most precious aspirations and your natural capacity to let go all in one tiny cycle.

I never thought that awareness was going to be my home, my teacher, my healer, my path. Yet, 20 years after our first conscious encounter we’re married in love. I’ve learned so much about our most desired as well challenging aspirations in life by using awareness as my guide that I have developed a whole coaching system around it. I call it Life Alignment.

And I had a beautiful conversation about that with Andrina Tisi on her podcast Life Curation. I’ve truly enjoyed our connection.

We talked about:

  • What is Life Alignment

  • The myth of the inner child

  • How to deal with and give space for your emotional life

  • Why and how awareness is a radical invitation for healing

  • How to embody who your heart knows you are

  • What’s needed to be able to set boundaries

  • What to expect from my book Healing The Mother Wound

  • And so much more …


Shelly's helping those who struggle with challenging feelings and old wound and want to find their way to come back home to themselves

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