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The shape of your vulnerability

When shifting from one place to another we will always be vulnerable.

Shifting from one point of view to another, shifting from one living space to another, shifting from one relationship status to another, shifting from one climate to another. Shifting from being independent to being autonomous. Vulnerability in its essence speaks to us about crossing the sea of life, transiting from the known to the unknown.

We always travel from the known to the unknown since we always strive to change the current experience to make it somehow better. More suited to our taste, desires or vision. This transition exposes us to new circumstances and being exposed is at the heart of vulnerability.

To me the question is never whether to be vulnerable or not. Because we are vulnerable as a matter of fact. To me the more interesting questions are: How to be vulnerable? What my vulnerability can teach me? What is the shape of my vulnerability?

Just like we all have a different body shape, we differ in the shape of our vulnerability. This shape is a dance between our outer life and our inner life.

Sometimes when external rhythm is present, it serves as a reflection for us to hear better, to be more attentive, to our vulnerability.

Think about your life right now - at home, at work, in your political social or environmental circles - and ask yourself: What are the rhythms they introduce into my life? And: How do these rhythms expose or touch my vulnerabilities?.

The answers to these questions can teach you a lot about the shape of your vulnerability. The shape of your vulnerability will tell you everything you need know about how to make it in this life. How to succeed if you wish. How to feel fulfilled for sure. How to be more present to the people and things that are important to you in your life.

In my work guiding, mainly women, to become SoulPreneurs, I see a shift happening right in front of our eyes.

We are moving towards an age where people are realising that the shape of their vulnerabilities, their life’s story-lines, are the most valuable asset and the core of a satisfying life.

The shape of your vulnerability is a source. Be curious, courageous, interested, and dive in. It’s well worth it.

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