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"I start with artistic dedication. I know that if the spirit is on you it will touch on to the other human receptors"

Leonard Cohen

Growing a soulful aligned business 

What is SoulPreneur

Maybe you’re not familiar with the term SoulPreneur, but you may recognise one of these characters:

  • You are a business, or want to be a business, which is an answer to the callings of your heart

  • You don't know what's your true direction for work - but you want to make sure you align your best-Self with what you do for work

  • You want to create success in your own terms - to stop being pitched left and right by the “common view”

  • You have an idea (maybe kept in your draw for years) - and you feel you must put it out to the world. No matter how unusual, unseen or unheard of it is

  • You have an important message or a product - and you want to express it through your original being

  • You are what you do - and you do what you are 

  • HOW you make your money - matters to you. Much more than simply making money

Then, my lovely, you ARE a SoulPreneur. Or you want to become one! 


SoulPreneurship is about growing your business from your soul.

This is a call for YOU if you want to shape your career around who you TRULY are!

SoulPreneur Guidance

For change makers and creative thrivers who are ready to align their work with their highest form of being

  • You know you are so much more than your work history

  • You had enough of hiding who you truly are in your career

  • You might be afraid you can't make money from your dreams - but you have enough juice to believe it can happen!

My space in your life can be:

  • Unravelling a deeper purpose for your career and working life

  • Setting up from scratch - birthing your idea into a business, creating a solid bridge between your soul and the money

  • Helping you make a transition from a worker to a change maker and a leader

  • Clarifying your uniqueness and true value/talent and how to leverage that in an over-stimulated world

  • Create a healthy relationship with money

  • Helping you to define your avatar(ideal-client)  and package your services

  • Be a Holder of your vision 

  • Infusing your doubts with love, embracing your fears with courage, enabling a safe and sure space for you to grow with your own rhythm, showing you the way to freedom from inhibiting mind-states

  • Guiding you to the Beyond, beyond what you thought is possible

  • Providing mentorship and professional feedback if you’re already a running business/a position holder in an organisation

Feel ready to make this magic happen? - I can't wait...

Want to see how we're getting along? - So do I...

Curious about how this works out for you? - I can tell you, just call

We will start with a strategy call of between 30-45 mins, and take it from there

You don’t have to know How to make this dream career come true, nor you need to come fear-free (no such thing anyway), but…

Who do I take onboard?

Serious deep divers who are willing to work to dig up their own gold

Those who know their time is NOW

[ Also those who have been disappointed by previous coaches, programmes, promises…]

Inspired women (and brave men!)

Entrepreneurs,  free-lancers, business owners - and those who want to be

Organisational position holders ready to be a change maker

How SoulPreneur Guidance works

* SoulPreneur Guidance is a one-to-one video meeting (via Zoom or Skype) or a face-to-face meeting if I'm in your area

* Sessions are 60 minutes in length.

* Before our session I'll ask you to write to me about your needs and respond to follow-up questions if arise so I can be fully prepared for our meeting

* You receive additional support through email correspondence in between our sessions

* This is a tailored-made process designed to help you get to where you want to go, without the pressure of a fixed plan, with a full attention to your potential, your aspirations and vision.

"Working with Shelly is the best investment I have made so far in my business and  my life.

Before working with her, I had some ideas of what I would like to do  but no clue how to actually make my goals happen.

She deeply sunk into understanding and connecting with me, especially in times when I got lost, she held the candle for me while I regrouped and regathered.

Shelly's incredible and insightful vision allowed me to uncover the truth of  what I do on the deepest level.

After working with her - I am 100% clear on WHO I AM and what I am offering, It has illuminated a crystal clear path for me.

She is a true Master and a soulful sister

I just love her so much."

Dalit Langosky. Israel. Inner & Interior Design

"After attending a seminar given by Shelly I just knew that I had to work with her when starting my own business. I did not know what to except and each session was a wonderful surprise. She helped me answer so many questions about the type of business person I want to be and where I saw my business going as a SoulPreneur growing a conscious business.


I do not know anyone who does what Shelly does and who is so present during each session.

Shelly,  from the bottom of my heart Thank you."

LS Consulting Switzerland

"Working with Shelly enabled me to settle more fully and respectfully within myself, discovering the inner landscapes anew, beyond the imprisoning preconceptions I had cultivated about myslef. 

Her beautiful deconditioning presence freed up courage inside me to say yes to a 'greater me', and say yes to following the path of my vocation with greater confidence and determination"

Seraina Morell G. Switzerland

"I am  a serial entrepreneur and have founded four successful companies in the last 25 years with a total value of about €40 million. At the moment I am developing together with my wife a global brand and mission that is all about empowering people to find their life purpose and creating the life they love to live.

I started to work with Shelly  because I wanted to get to the next level of my personal evolution. I got a bit stuck and wanted to get past some limiting believes  and some self sabotage patterns which I felt didn't allow me to grow as I wanted to.

Shelly is an exceptional mentor, coach and trainer with no bullshit attitude :-) She's super intuitive and gets to the point, the real point, in an extremely short time. She is a coach who has both feet on the ground, is very practical and to the point.

I'm an absolutely believer in mentorship if you want to have accelerated growth. If you are looking for a mentor who has not only a big heart but is absolutely passionate about YOUR development, if you want to change something in your life I can highly recommend Shelly to you. 

It is an absolute pleasure to work and grow with you Shelly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart !"

Kai Klinge. Switzerland. Co-founder of Love Silence

You have one leg in the material and concrete world, and another in the spirit world, the consciousness space and internal intuition. And also the unique ability to connect the two

with sensitivity, skilfulness and practical results.


You have the ability to connect the linear and circular and contain them both simultaneously

You have the unique ability to bring focus and discern clearly the marginal from the main point

to concentrate on the archimedes point from which everything start and evolve to 

all possible directions.


You have the ability to persist and press where it hurts

with love and compassion

without giving up even if pain arises.


With you I could inquire into the infinite space of consciousness and feelings

and still achieve concrete practical results”.

O.A. Israel. Strategic intervention coach and NLP trainer

"Dear Shelly, I want to firstly thank you for being fully and totally present.

For being open, attentive, containing, compassionate and loving. 


You bring deep ancient wisdom that naturally exists in you, supported by constant evolvement and learning.

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