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The leading edge of change AND what life demands of you

There are different kinds of change. There is the existential element of change to life as everything changes all the time.

There is change that happens "to you". Enforced from the outside by life, by circumstances. And there is one very special kind of change.

A change you are consciously taking to deeply transfigure your life. You know it has to be done, you know what the vision is, you've been preparing for that for quite some time and you've gathered the courage or found the timing to take a big leap.

You're so excited, so waiting to feel a release and be relieved. You are so ready to experience the results of that change, so so ready to embrace the new state of being....

And then....

You are used to having the right people show up in your life when you need them - and all of a sudden, when you have made the leap, they just don't show up anymore.

You're used to magically having the money or the job exactly when you need them, and, all of a sudden, they are simply not there.

Someone promised you a place in their flat, a space for your workshop, a piece of equipment you need for free - and those promises evaporate like steam in the hot summer air.

Everything has changed and you feel sad or lonely, or lost and confused, and above all filled with doubt - how can it be? was I wrong? I've finally made that step, why isn't it working?

As much as we demand of life - life will demand of us.

Changes are not happening solely from the force of action ("I am doing this"). Change is a deep form of interaction between us and life.

Big changes, conscious initiated changes have a way of transfiguring everything we know about ourselves and about the life we have had.

Change has a life of its own.

Maybe all we need to do is stick with what we wanted and give it a chance to live.

Maybe all we need to do is be more creative and inventive about all those things that use to work but not any more.

Maybe we need to cooperate with life on a deeper level to experience the kind of vision we carry in our hearts.

Being at the leading edge of change means to step back from the doing mind but also to step up to the full measure of our aspirations without being able to rely on any blueprints.

I wish for our planet to be in that leading edge of change. And for that we need you rather then following formulas, interacting with life in its raw form.

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