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The power of imitation

We learn the most important things in life through imitation. Eating, talking, walking, interacting, all come to us through watching our environment and wanting to fit in and share in those joys of expression.

But as grown ups our world is obviously more complex and as we try to find our unique voice - in who we are, in our professions - one of the most threatening things for us is that we will sound like {xx}, look like {xx}, that we will not know how to express out true nature.

Whom are you looking up to?

Who are the people whose work/message you appreciate? (you can also substitute ‘appreciate’ with 'feel jealous of’ or ‘threatened by’)

These are not trivial questions but very relieving and informative questions.

As John O’Donohue said “A good question is something that always, in some way, ploughs the invisible furrows of absence to find the nourishment and the treasure that we actually need”.

Expressing your true nature will always be one of the most intriguing elements of your life. And there’s nothing that gives more Joy.

In a world governed by trends, power images and endless theories of ‘what is the right way to be and do’ we are overwhelmed with stimulations. We are overwhelmed with distractions. We are overwhelmed with the need to simply find an emblem of - WHO AM I?!!

Imitation is a powerful source of nourishment. Let it be that rather than a source of losing yourself in a borrowed set of beliefs and values.

Look at these questions and learn what it is really that attracts you to these works and people that you appreciate. Because, Because…. Because

What you are hungry for is what you are capable of!

Learn through imitating, let the bells of attraction play on the accord of your heart and then - make it your own.

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