What Makes A Difference

What’s on your mind? Let’s bring it forth. Let’s put it on the surgery table. Let’s pull the pieces apart. Let’s tinker with the pieces. Perhaps we’ll understand why. Why is this piece here? Why does it bother you? Where did these parts come from? Why are they still here? Let’s look at your past. Maybe it’s because of what happened to you in your childhood. Maybe it’s your inner child. Let’s analyse this together. Let’s find interpretations. Let’s ask the experts, the specialists, the knowers. Let’s make affirmations. Let’s fix it, mend it, bring it back to perfection. Did it help? No? I thought so. Then what makes the difference? What could really help you with the things you know you need

Wanting Something So Badly

What you want defines the distance between you and it/them. There is a process to get there. If you don’t have a process you need to cultivate one. If you have a process trust it. It will embrace you, take you in, and cradle you all the way to its finding. In the zen tradition there is a saying that if you fall seven hundred times you get up seven hundred and one. The only measure of the distance between where you are and where you want to be is that one extra step. We know this saying “enjoy the process” but we forget to enjoy and we forget it’s a process. It doesn’t matter what we know if we forgot it. Knowing doesn’t make a difference. But being does. Knowing then is not an object you wea

What We Need Is In The River

Say the words you think everybody knows. Take the steps you’ve taken before. What you said before, say it again. Say it again. Say it until you really listen to your own. There’s a space where something can enter. Stand at the gate of that crack. A bride knowing in her heart that a new life is arriving. Feel your breath feel your feet on the ground feel your heart drumming into the mystery of being alive. Droplets Of your attention ripple through your tension. Wrinkles on firm ground of humans trying to figure out how to be enough. Each step your voice makes anticipates the meeting with rest. Each step your wildness dances deepens the roots of your existence. Nothing is also a place. Nowhere

No More Secrets

Loneliness is a place Without secrets. The yearnings of the heart Revealed and speak loudly. What is loneliness but a heart’s wish to have someone who can help us carry our difficulty. What is loneliness’ message but the knowing buried deep in your bones that some heartbreaks are meant to be carried only by two hands of one body, alone. Like the hands of the saint that went out for a prayer and, so it is told, was so still That a bird landed on his open praying palms. Now that she found a safe space to land he was compelled to stay. She soon started building a nest and then laid her eggs and then cared for her offsprings and fed them. Who knows how long it has been, hours or years, precious

When Going Back To Normal

Start gently. You have become more sensitive than you are aware of. You’re body hasn’t been attacked by noise and light pollution, your eyes haven’t been coerced to consume. Your nervous system experienced much less overload and friction. You have become more sensitive than your old self knew. Start gently. With care as a child taking her first steps. She tip toes her way forward, not ashamed to lean on any support she finds on her way. Move forward with questions as the answers you had fit no longer to the new holes. What’s left in me from the person of before? What are the clues for the person I am becoming? What responsibility did I take on the world I’ve inhabited while in solitude? Rede

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