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No More Secrets

Loneliness is a place

Without secrets.

The yearnings of the heart

Revealed and speak loudly.

What is loneliness

but a heart’s wish

to have someone

who can help us

carry our difficulty.

What is loneliness’ message

but the knowing

buried deep in your bones

that some heartbreaks

are meant to be carried only

by two hands of one body, alone.

Like the hands of the saint

that went out for a prayer

and, so it is told, was so still

That a bird landed on his

open praying palms.

Now that she found

a safe space to land

he was compelled

to stay.

She soon started building a nest

and then laid her eggs

and then cared for her offsprings and fed them.

Who knows how long it has been,

hours or years, precious moments of being,

that the saint stood their with

open wings of an angel

to witness a new life unraveling

through the furrows of an open palm.

And what is the opposite of loneliness

but a speck of wonder that makes time stop.

We risk embracing our own heartbreak,

our own unbearable difficulty,

as if our present life

opened its palms to be a safe space

for our loneliness to make a nest.

We will care for it with tenderness and love.

No longer ashamed,

no longer feeling flawed or a fraud.

Embracing a vulnerable existence

with a soft permeable gaze

where a satisfying love resides.


Shelly helps people who seek to deepen self-trust & expression

and want support in getting through

challenging feelings or life questions

with great emotional freedom

Photo by Volkan Olmez on Unsplash

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