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What We Need Is In The River

Say the words you think

everybody knows.

Take the steps you’ve taken before.

What you said before, say it again.

Say it again.

Say it until you really


to your own.

There’s a space where something can enter.

Stand at the gate of that crack.

A bride knowing in her heart

that a new life is arriving.

Feel your breath

feel your feet on the ground

feel your heart

drumming into the mystery

of being alive.

Droplets Of your attention

ripple through your tension.

Wrinkles on firm ground

of humans trying to figure out

how to be enough.

Each step your voice makes

anticipates the meeting with


Each step your wildness dances

deepens the roots

of your existence.

Nothing is also a place.

Nowhere is also a place.

Nobody is also a place.

And your vulnerability

is Beauty.

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