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When Going Back To Normal

Start gently. You have become more sensitive than you are aware of. You’re body hasn’t been attacked by noise and light pollution, your eyes haven’t been coerced to consume. Your nervous system experienced much less overload and friction. You have become more sensitive than your old self knew.

Start gently. With care as a child taking her first steps. She tip toes her way forward, not ashamed to lean on any support she finds on her way.

Move forward with questions as the answers you had fit no longer to the new holes.

What’s left in me from the person of before?

What are the clues for the person I am becoming?

What responsibility did I take on the world I’ve inhabited while in solitude?

Redefine and reinvent the questions for your future. There is never such a think as ‘going back’. We only move forward in spirals, never reaching an end, gaining new angles and layers of beingness.

What did you have to let go off, that was a real substance of who you are?

Did you really let go off parts that are true seeds of who you are?

Start gently.

With care.

With love

With generous attention to each breath.


Shelly is helping people who

seek to deepen self-trust & expression

and want support in getting through

challenging feelings or life questions

with great emotional freedom

Photo by Christopher Sardegna on Unsplash

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