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What Makes A Difference

What’s on your mind?

Let’s bring it forth.

Let’s put it on the surgery table. Let’s pull the pieces apart.

Let’s tinker with the pieces.

Perhaps we’ll understand why.

Why is this piece here? Why does it bother you?

Where did these parts come from? Why are they still here?

Let’s look at your past.

Maybe it’s because of what happened to you in your childhood.

Maybe it’s your inner child.

Let’s analyse this together. Let’s find interpretations.

Let’s ask the experts, the specialists, the knowers.

Let’s make affirmations. Let’s fix it, mend it, bring it back to perfection.

Did it help? No? I thought so.

Then what makes the difference?

What could really help you with the things you know you need to make a difference in your life, the places you want to feel different in your life?

Trying to pull wholeness to pieces and learning something significant about the whole from a piece is like asking why do you love.

We love because we are. We can’t analyse being. So the answers have to come from the same place.

The answers are love. The answers are being.

The answers we are looking for to make a difference in our lives come from clarity. Knowing and clarity are two different things.

Knowing is holding a stone in your hand. There’s a distance. It’s a stone. You can do something with it. You can transform it. But you’ll have to work within the limitations of the element. It is still going to be the substance of a stone.

Clarity shines a light on the nature of what is. Like a sun disturbing the vagueness of a dark night, like earth that is willing for you to make in her a hole so you can plant a seed in, clarity is nourishing and encompassing.

Find what’s nourishing you. Give it to yourself. Then bring awareness to notice how you relax, how you let go, how you expand, how things fall into place.

Spiritual nourishment, physical nourishment, creative nourishment, energy nourishment, any kind of nourishment. When we nourish the places where we want to create a difference we bring growth and movement.

Of course finding what is nourishing for you is an on going act of deep listening and connecting with absolute honesty to the moment, not from a long distance but from a very close and intimate distance. That’s why you’ll go on the archetypal journey of discovering who you are, there’s no way around it.

Try it. Take a week. Ask yourself the first thing as you wake up - what would be nourishing for me today? How can I give it to myself?

Then, give yourself room to witness what grows, what was let go of, and who you become in the process.


Shelly helps people who live

Engaged and connected life

who want to deal with challenging feelings

and deepen their

self-trust & expression

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

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