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Is It Possible to Learn from Being Triggered?!

When does a drop become an ocean?

I was contemplating this question as I recalled how I got triggered during the latest Hakomi training.

In one part, we were divided into groups of three. Two of us got into a conversation, without defining any role between client and therapist. It was a casual conversation led by the trust that something significant would emerge and roles will be shaped spontaneously.

In the role of the observer, I shared at the end of their conversation what I’d observed. And soooo quickly I felt like I was running up against a brick wall.

As Denise’s face froze into a half-smile and Beryl shook her head gently from side to side, I knew that what I was saying was so off for them.

From that moment on it was downhill.

I felt frozen inside myself. I felt misunderstood. And the more I tried to explain myself the more entangled I became.

Then came the shame! For saying things that obviously upset my partners, for not getting it…