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FREE Mother Wound Summit

I’m really excited about this. As far as I know this is the first mother wound summit and I was invited to be a keynote speaker.


In my opening presentation for the mother wound summit I'll speak about the different dimensions of the mother wound, how the personal, the social, political and economic are all interlinked and contributing to the mother wound.

I'll also present the three important elements of healing the mother wound (in me view the only ones). I'll share some real live examples from my own life and my work with women so you could get a good sense of how this could be relevant for your.

The summit runs for three days, October 2-4.

Marisa Sim Coaching has organised for 15 different presenters to talk about different aspects of the mother wound, such as:

And so many important topics, all related to healing the mother wound.

I'd love for you to join me.

Here's how you can:

Registration is free. Once you sign up in the button bellow you’ll get a ticket and be able to watch the presentations for 24 hours for free, October 2-4.

I know that summits are a thing now. And I myself signed up to many but found myself overwhelmed by having so many presentations to watch. Which is why you have an option to purchase an all-access pass for the mother wound summit and take your time to digest the fabulous knowledge you'll be presented with.

All-access pass includes:

  • All recorded presentations available freely to watch for two years.

  • Many gifts from each of the presenters such as ebooks, courses, mediations, memberships and more, amounting to 1400$.

  • Special Q&A session with presenters

There are three paid ticket types:

1. Speedy. Once you sign in and claim your ticket you’ll have an option to purchase a ticket for only 37$. The option is valid for only 20 minutes.

Now, I know that this amount might not be an easy expense for everyone. But if it is possible for you, then I want you to know in advance so you can have the time to think about it.

2. Pre summit ticket. If you didn’t purchase the “speedy” ticket you’ll have time to think about it. Until the mother wound summit starts, all access pass costs 67$.

3. Summit ticket. Once the mother wound summit starts, on October 2nd, the ticket’s price will be 99$.

When you join, you’ll be invite to a Facebook group where I’ll hang out and all the other presenters. I hope to see you there.

All that’s left is for you to visit the mother wound summit page, explore the different presenters and register for any of the options that fits your needs.

mother wound summit

The mother wound summit has already happened.

But I want you to have my presentation because it is so important for women to have an understanding of what is the mother wound. This presentation was so meaningful for the summit participants and you can have it too!

Use this form to download the free presentation:


Here are a couple more ways to stay connected:

Sign up to my Museletter for regular useful content on healing the mother wound

Take my video training on breaking free from mother wound limiting beliefs

healing the mother wound

Shelly's helping women whose relationship with their mother left a negative mark and want to become un-limited in their personal or professional life


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