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Fall In The Right Direction

Not doing the right thing and ending in the right place

Not knowing what to do with your day and finding ample of creative empty space

Not condemning your scattered mind and meeting an open heart

Not rushing to achieve a thing and falling in the direction of self-love

The way to all possibilities often starts with a ‘not’. Some clearing of should’s that cemented themselves at the centre of our world, a wall we dare not even pick from behind.

The way to all possibilities, the way to a heart that is filled with lovely fresh starts is achieved through a radical undoing.

Why is it so difficult to give ourselves the sweet nectar of the love we yearn for?

Why do we fall prey to the voices that make us feel so undeserving and small?

Love needs an empty space where it can pour itself in. As the skies are a vast space for the sun, the fields a playground to plants and butterflies, the creases in the rocks a path for waterfalls and your heart a willing force of embracing what IS without a fight.

There’s a story of a man who used to go every night to listen to the Buddha’s evening discourse. He would delight in the Buddha’s wisdom and once the evening concluded he would go to the pub with his friends and party all night.

Evening after evening he would do the same thing. One time the man approached the Buddha and told him how full his talks were and how inspired he was with the Buddha’s integrity.

‘But I fall out of my vows every evening’ said the man ‘Can you give me an advice how can I be more sincere?’

‘Fall in the right direction’ was the Buddha’s advice.

We fall. We get wounded and hurt. We lose things, people and our way. We get distracted by things we wished wouldn't kidnap our energy and time. We fall out of what’s most important to us thousands times a day. As humans we fall over and over agains.

And we can create a momentum of falling in the direction of the heart, where we can find a true pace of rest.


Photo by Bruce Christianson on Unsplash

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