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Unlock Your Special Gift As A Coach/Therapist

For years I lived under the shadow of ending up like my mother. With a clinical depression, not in control of my life, wasting a huge potential for happiness and self-fulfilment. I was so afraid this would become the truth that I locked down as deeply as possible any feeling that seemed a bit off, any thought that frightened me, and stayed as far as I could from any let’s-get-inside-your-insides form of support. A good friend from my days as a dancer told me about a session she had just had with her psychologist. She was excited by the revelations she had experienced and how it had changed the way she felt about herself. I was aware of the jolt of energy emanating from her. This, coupled with knowing she had had a “dark” childhood story similar to mine, prompted me to follow her advice to “just try it”.

When I met Rebecca at her office for the first time she was nothing like I had expected. She was in her 60s. Her room was furnished like the old living room of a person who loves books, plants and antique carpets. Everything that I too love. She didn’t flood me with questions about the past. She was patient, kind. Most importantly, she didn’t say “you’re amazing, you grew up to be who you are with a history like yours.” For me, that was the sign she’s what I needed. She simply got me. I felt l