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You Move Faster When You Slow Down

Over the past week I heard myself saying this to both myself and my clients You move faster when you slow down Think about the long run. There’s nothing there that doesn’t exit here. What seems to have gotten lost is found as soon as you pause. Holding with awareness whatever you find in your inner world soften the urgency and intensity of the madness. The reason we don’t have trust ( in ourselves, in the world) is because you can’t witness and appreciate the process when you constantly run run run. Slowing down, making space, is not a privilege or a choice to regret or a way to miss opportunities or falling out of the game or being a looser or a lazy bum. It’s simply humane. You need slowing down like you need your breath and don’t let any voice tell you something else. Agree to disappoint others in favour of not disappointing yourself. Agree to not settle on what you want for the sake of discovering a whole full world. Agree to take care of yourself for the price of showing others they can do the same for themselves. Sometimes you can’t have it all and all that matters is that you have yourself. And once you do, you learn that IT IS ALL.

Photo by Cassidy Kelley on Unsplash

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