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Without Self-Honesty Your Spiritual Practice Is going Nowhere

Self honesty is the substance of true growth. Whatever you wish to create in your life will need a good amount of self honesty. Honestly, that’s what I’ve learnt. Running wild in circles inside my head feeling “I don’t know how to do this” I admit that that’s what’s happening. Fearing the unknown results for believing in my intuition - I don’t pretend I got it figured out. Telling myself “you’re going to come out the fool one, it was just your imagination” I change my language to speak more kindly to myself. But I don’t deny the shame. Self honesty is a key to living in your power. There’s true power in being honest with what you really feel and experience. The kind of power you can’t get from money or position. The kind of power you can only reach through looking straight in the eyes of feeling lost, small, guilty, trapped, sad, offended. It’s the power of being real. As you step into your power You heal, you help, you love This mantra came up in a Life Alignment session as we spoke about what if being in your truth means hurting someone. Being in your truth comes from the maturity of your heart. If you fake it you’re not in your power and yes, you’ll hurt others and yourself. And probably the earth. When you have real power you have something real to share. Stepping into an honest power you are healed, you can help, you are sharing true love. So it doesn’t matter how many times a day you meditate, what purification ceremonies you do, that you wear all white, that you follow the best guru in the world. Without self honesty you have no power. Your spiritual practice relies on that kind of power of self-honesty. With blessing for stepping into your power.

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