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Disentangling Yourself From Unworthiness

The problem is not that you have painful stories or memories. It’s not what people said or did to you. It’s not in the shuttered dreams and being something or somewhere you didn’t imagine you’d be at this point of your life.

The problem is that we make our personal pain a problem.

You get stuck in setting a budget of time or space to feel your pain. Framing your pain so it won’t spill out and move unexpectedly. But the pain (and you know what I’m talking about because we all have one, or two or…) just asks to be felt and experienced fully and not be measured as too much or too long.

Pain moves on a different scale than the watches and calendars you have for it. It doesn’t give a damn how many times you need to cry over the same issue or how many coaching/healing programs you need in order to open it up.

The beautiful thing that happens is that once you don’t contract your pain to fit imaginary borders it opens you up! instead of contracting you. It tells you a beautiful story of how to heal. It gives you all the guidelines you’re yearn for to be able to grow.

Here’s the principle:

Pain gives you all the space you need once you give it all the space it needs.

It’s a beautiful relationship of deep listening and honest connection.

A narrative of an inspired sense of worthiness that flares up from the core of what you connect with. Stepping away from smallness starts from being large enough to host the pain.

Pain is not a dirty word. It’s a diamond and your attention is the shaping tool.


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Photo by thom masat on Unsplash

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