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Why You Should Learn To FAIL

‘Fail’ etymology: Run out, come to and end, unsuccessful . There IS such a thing as failing. Or are you trying to avoid it by saying 'there’s no such thing as failing, there's only learning ?'. Here’s the problem with this perspective : everything that has a life will die. Everything that strives to succeed can and will at some point come to an end. If you give so much attention to start something new - a new life, a new way of being, a new project, a new career - you should also invest some energy to think about how it can happen or what if it will fail. When you’re honest with the possibility of failure you’re only empowering the chances to succeed. Fear of failing is really a mask for our fear of dying. Running out of time before we’ve managed to fulfil our deepest yearnings, before we’ve managed to quench our deepest hunger for this life.

Show me where is your fear of failing and I’ll know where to start.

A martial art master once told me "if you go to a meeting ready to lose, you're already winning". At the heart of the moment there's a stream of infinite possibilities. Sometimes we simply forget that one of these possibilities is to die. To cease, to fail, to break, to come to an end. Some point on the life-death-life cycle. All seeds have the potential to become something but some of them fail to grow. Some of them die before they even had the chance to grow. That's the nature of life. We all have a potential for something to happen, for someone to be, but a potential is not a guaranty for success. It’s not a promise for fulfilment. Everything that is born will have the potential to die. Tel me how are you preparing to fail today?!

Photo by Wladislaw Peljuchno on Unsplash

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