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This Will Really Help You Change

Whatever you want to change will not happen with a brilliant cognitive elegant intellectual understand. Sure you’re very intelligent and you can understand things when you put your mind to them. But mind understanding will not lead you to change. You figured out you don’t have to comply with your mother in law’s suggestions that will make you Miss Perfect in her eyes. But you still get triggered when she tells you how it would have been better if you did [this] her way, right?! You understood that your hunger to make it happen in life made you a strong capable women but also very much in need of control. You understand that you don’t need control any more and it’s time to soften and open up, but you can’t will it with your mind can you?! You understand that there’s no reason to fear the future. You can reason-out fear till down after night but you’re still pinched in your stomach and heart when it attacks you with it’s best tricks, don’t you?! Mind understanding will never give you the change you wish for. But your heart will. There are two kind of understandings. Mind and heart. The only way to change is to embody your understanding with heart language. Take the elevator down from your head to your heart. Whenever you see your old self, your habits, your undesired patterns and behaviour jump up again just PAUSE, and ask yourself: What is really asking to be felt or seen inside me right now? Give it space. Let it be. Don’t force it to change. Let what you find be welcomed in your heart. Once you create space something new will step in. The heart’s replies are always beautiful. Wishing to be loved. Wishing to be seeing. Wishing for a communication. Wishing for tenderness. You heart knows how to live what your mind can only understand.

Change is a matter of Love

Photo by Taylor Leopold on Unsplash

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