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What Courage Is

Courage is: opening to what you’d instinctively want to close down Courage is: allowing presence when you want to just shut down. Courage is: the risk to be different Courage is: daring to slow down or even stop Courage is: to stop complaining and do something about the change you wish to see Courage is: to dive to the depth of your pain Courage is: trusting that your life has great meaning Courage is: letting your people know what you need to feel supported Courage is: inhabiting your caring Courage is: offering the wisdom of your experience to the world Courage is rarely a heroic act towards an outside event. Courage is always an inner invitation to open up when you instinctively want to close down. Courage is not something you need to find or work on. It something that finds you when you listen to what life is telling you. Courage is: setting boundaries, feeling guilty about it, and doing it anyways Courage is: the joy that comes after facing your fears Courage is: the light that comes after you met yourself in the dark Courage is: loving without holding back.

Now identify your type of courage and get on it without a doubt

Photo by Michel Paz on Unsplash

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