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The Pillars of Relationships

I choose relationships that I consider to have some degree of friendship. Wether personal, collegial or professional relationships they have to carry the seed of friendship.

We spend our lives trying to figure out who is our natural companion. Who is there that can ‘get us’, that can shelter our need for belonging, that can make sense of who we are. We are willing to invest a lot in a relationship to allow it to tell us who we are.

We are as much defined by our relationships as we shape them. We co-create each other.

Everything in life is relationships. From relationships between galaxies to amebas nothing in this existence can escape relationship.

How are you approaching relationships?

Are you coming to test your relationships or to build them?

Are you hoping to learn them or to be confirmed by them?

One person, even in one conversation, can turn the centre of gravity in your emotional universe.

Our character is moulded by the voices we hear in relationships.

Both the voices of wisdom and encouragement and the voices of inner fears and judgment are part of the conversational background. The final composition is a product of the web of relationships we have with everything else in life.

Relationships take discernment. Sifting through the voices and carefully choosing those that lean towards friendship.

Friendship is a very particular relationship, one that you can be sincere in.

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