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Magic and Miracles

I’ve come to prefer magic to miracles.

Miracles sound like an experience that “shouldn’t have happened”. Some oddly or saintly intervention that leaves you out of the picture, it is doing it for you but without you. Maybe it was something we’re not really worthy of it, and it happened anyway.

In magic there’s breaking of the rules, the rules of logic, the rules of research and common knowledge, the unspoken rules of what’s expected from you.

So I prefer making magic than having miracles.

Not that I would refuse a miracle if one happened to me, but I’d rather be working with natural forces and in the process discover what I’m capable of, maybe a new talent I didn’t know I have within me.

Maybe a stronger conviction in my way to be the right way, for me. I call that magic.

Shifting anything in your life by following your inner knowing you may discover that magic is not preserved solely for the mystics.

Letting go - I call it magic.

Finding your true North calling - I call it magic.

Loving the ones who are difficult to love - I call it magic.

Having magical moments or events in your life has nothing to do with your belief in a godly presence or esoteric mantras.

Instead of arguing with your beliefs about magic

start believing in yourself





All blessings of magic


Photogrpahy Antonio Mora

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