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What does it mean to take one self seriously?!

When I was a child I was always blamed for not being serious. I would get enthusiastic about learning knitting and after making few rows I would drop it. I would express an interest in a book but would leave it unfinished.

Needless to say that blaming me for not being serious didn’t cause any change in my behaviour - only in my self-esteem. Little did I know that what I was following was something much deeper.

So how do you know if you’re seriously not serious, or if your take your self-seriousness seriously??

Here are a few pointers to know that you are not serious:

You know what’s good for you, you say you’re going to do what’s good for you - and you don’t!

There’s no clear thread in your exploration, no deep drive behind it or any desire to feed your self-growth by it

Your actions/words are not connected with an intention

Starting a book and leaving it unfinished may only mean you simply don’t get from it what you wanted or needed. Signing up for a painting class and leaving after few lessons may mean you have quenched your curiosity and can move on.

Performance is not an indication of seriousness!

If your soul, your heart, your body, your mind are after something, they will lead you to it, just not through performance. If you start connecting the dots of all the things you’ve tried and experienced, all the things you wanted to taste and have a go with, you’ll notice an inner pattern, a pattern whose inner logic will be revealed only to you. Only through your soul.

In making business, making love, making life, there’s only one motivation that counts for seriousness - making genuine connection.

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