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What if each moment in your life

was the



you’ve been waiting for

all your life?

Will that make you admit

it was worth it?

All the pain

and grief,

All the sorrow

and disappointment.

Will that make you


the magic

which we call life?

Will that make you believe

that you are beautiful,

that you are love?

What if there was only you,

since there is only one?

What if the only voice that I could hear

was mine?

What if becoming

was always coming to visit you?

Will that make you abandon the search?

You would husband this yearning

to come back home,

release this tantric tension

within yourself.

What if you and me

are really the same?

Will that still make us

want to make love?

To be merged in this

insane losing of senses,

or is losing the senses

the only thing

we can get as a sign of

being one

as physical beings?

Do you know you’re lonely

because you don’t have yourself?

You let go of that self,

like a kiss departing

forever the lips.

What if you kept your promise

to be yourself?

Will that make you

want to stop the jealousy,

eradicate all war

and gestures of possessions?

What if all that happened?

Will you still dare to stay the same?

Would you dare