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In the Secret of the Flower of Life

In the cosmic torus garden rivers flow in all directions, water splits into colourful glittering drops, magnetised and attracted towards the space in a deep belonging passion. Floating as world-full details in the empty space of the garden. Birds fly and sing, their song sits on the branches of each drop like a tiny sparrow that sits on the flower of Eden, in her singing she’s awakening the flowers' energy colours - the purple, the red, the orange and the yellow - erecting from the flower in a grounding upwards movement. Sounds and colours filling each other.

After all sights, shapes and structures have taken form in your minds, in the field of creation, the carpet of consciousness, they blur and melt. Boundaries shatter, but the content does not disappear: all that is left are colours and sounds carried in a gentle floating. This is your timeline, dear ones, a time of gentle and calm awakening, of shedding structure after structure like peeling a flowers' petals to the last, where its scent still floats on the air and brings a spring message without shape.

In the cosmic torus garden there's a space where life is a movement of goodness and abundance shining out of each gaze, word, experience, each drop of existence. Phantasy, dream, or manifested reality in the field of creation?

Magic in the order of colours

This energy of colours and sounds will accompany you in the coming season. This season is affected by the lunar eclipse, and will echo to you belonging and renewal. And if it is measurements we're dealing in, it will be a measure of three months and-a-half against three minutes and-a-half of earthly lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse enlightens the gentle embroidery line between life and death, between dark and light, between inside and outside the womb, between the sounds of intuition and divine sounds. Measurement against measurements, you measure your lives, even though the effect-waves of hidden life-compounds – sounds and colours – are attracted to the beyond. To a shapeless and measureless world.

Could you imagine a life without religious institutions? Can you bring to your minds that countries, social groups and culture can be conducted without government, without negotiating on the individual freedom of choice? Who do you belong to, where does belonging reside?

The human society's collective effort to elevate beyond the order of hierarchy has created a magic-generating energy that melts old formulas and structures. You are flooded with new information from the colourful abundant teachers who give you new creation-stories. They offer new perspectives on the meaning of your existence, on your place in the familiar world and the universe, on the divine source within you; and they challenge you to deal with death. The death of fixed knowledge, of ideas, plans, opinions, perceptions, philosophies. They goad you to mix the palettes of colours and sounds.

There are those who are shocked by such questions and information. There are those above whose heads these words float like a pleasant birdsong, never resting. And there are those who already understand with heart, who understand that the nature of cosmic geometry is not embedded in admired social structures, but rather is a Divine sound-flow of naturally engineered spaces passing through the channels of feeling and the sounds of passion, touching the core of the Self’s heart-vibrations.

There are those who feel the magical wave of spirit wind which stirs the skin's sentries, as if delivering a lover’s message of etheric narrative. This is the journey of the Divine spirit that resides in the detailed cosmic garden, fills the space with no excess loads, and blows away the hierarchy’s order between colours and sounds.

Once in the day and once in the night Venus is dancing between darkness and light

In your breathing process you have a whole cycle. A sound cycle which brings you in each moment, in each breathing track, in an underground dive into the universe's consciousness – just like that, without your noticing. This cycle includes two suspensions, they're almost like a stop. These are moments of letting-go, release from "there's no" and "there is", from dulness and emptiness, from effort. When you allocate a specific moment in your busy lives to listen to the breath – will you dare to reside within those suspensions? How long can you stay naturally with the suspension, without holding or directing? Have you noticed that within each suspension the concept of death and belonging appears?

Most of you probably don't reside with the suspensions between in-breath and out-breath, since they remind you of the exhausting dualistic battle between accepting death as a fact of life and constantly running away from it. Dear and beloved one, without death there is no alchemy. Death is a phenomenon, not a static state. It’s a phenomenon of quality ascension, the synchronisation of dimensions; death is like singing in a foreign language. You must not be afraid of death, you must not be afraid of suspension and of letting-go. This period of energetic calmness embraces you and surrounds you, and it will teach you to soar into the suspension that is within love.

This is an invitation to embrace suspensions, to adopt the death of ideas and non-relevant un-serving ideals. To learn to slow down into the acceleration that exists in the shapeless merger of Self and soul.

The pattern of belonging is seeded in the light of the lunar eclipse. Observing star movements will tell you something of the nature of change. Change does not exist "in return”, because you wanted for something to be different in return. Change exists "so that" – so that a different manifestation will be revealed. You all live fenced within the perspective of a particular moment and only the view changes. Like Venus, who finds herself appearing once on the background of the day and once on the background of the night. But she always belongs to her nature, that of radiating love.

You must not move love from its dwelling in return for the other, not even in return for the "I". There's no before and after in love. The nature of love is revealed in its being. This is why love is white (in Hebrew it plays on the word Levana, which means both moon and white): it allows all colours to exist as potentials inside her womb.

The sea is the womb of all drops

Imagine that you hold in the palm of your hand a drop of water. You've managed to capture one tiny drop of water and you walk with it all the way to the sea, carrying it gently in the palm of your hand. At the end of the journey, when you arrive at the sea, you let go of the drop and it disappears, as if it never was. You return home and once again capture a drop of water. With great effort you protect it and make sure it doesn't fall or dissolve. And when you get back to the sea again you let go of the drop and it merges with the sea and disappears.

Over and over and over again, your movements are invested in an endless repetition of collecting the drop and letting it go into the sea. The sense of heaviness and tiredness arising from the effort, out of so much focus and concentration on the same daily movement – but you haven't taken a single moment to be with the sea and in its observation enjoy the ocean of compassion, the wisdom and insight of opening the heart and weaving the capillaries of consciousness.

Your daily effort to get out of the state of survival, to find new paths in your relationship, to deal with your child, leads you into the garden of details, to protecting the drop. But the sea, this big cosmic soup, is swallowing your doings with love and invites you to be heady in the torus garden's landscape of an enlighting drop which has merged with the sea of knowledge, just like the flower of life that has peeled off its petals and keeps echoing the all.

One of the most difficult messages to deliver is the subject of the freedom of choice a human being has. When you are told that you have the freedom to choose, you go into a smart entangled calculator, measuring measurement against measurement – “this or that?", as if you where asking "this drop or that drop?”.

When you are afraid of death, you are afraid of magic. Government and religious institutions have burdened you with laws and lies, drop after drop, which have even penetrated your sacred scripts. The structures of belonging have robbed you of the freedom to act, and the planet has been robbed of her treasures. This energy of human effort to conceal the truth is melting in its very core, since the effort it takes to maintain it is exhausting and depleting matter. This is why this perception and this consciousness-changing knowledge is being revealed to you.

Such knowledge does not exist only within the fences of perception, rather it floats in the air, it lingers on like the fragrance of a flower. This is the knowledge of magic bringing to light qualities which are hidden from physical reality but are not absent from spiritual actuality. Magic is shifting between dimensions undisturbed by space and time. This is spiritual alchemy, it is the secret of the flower of life. Like the flower’s entwinings, your consciousness flows in a quantic knowing to that which is familiar to her in colours and sounds, not to that which has been acqiured in books and billboard slogans. It knows that the freedom of creation radiates in the passion-colours of the clouds before the death of the day and the rising of darkness.

Freedom has no boundaries, no aspects, no moments, no clock-minutes or fashionable outfits. Freedom is freedom. Lack of worries, lack of pretensions, it is not high or low, in or out. This is why love of freedom.

The art of relating

The more something is enhanced the simpler it is, the whiter it is!

Transitoriness is not meaningless. It is an event that occur and has presence, whether as a fleeting or a prolonged view of all the life-stories which have been written and all the pages torn from them simultaneously. The result is a renewed compound that imagination needs to bridge between the here and there, which consciousness needs to leap a quantum leap between that which was and the distilled quality which is left. And this fills the space in the garden of details as love fills the air with a blurry cloud.

When you suffer from something in your life, know that this is a transiting blurry cloud. It is not coincidental, but a manifestation in your life-text like water seeding the ground of the moment. But when the cloud have transited and you have been left with suffering, know that this is the freedom of choice in a path which is attached to the familiar and the known, which doesn't allow the cloud to be emptied and die of its rainy role, and to retire to its white state.

A cloud brings a sense of urgency. Like a floating bottle with a note on the sea driven by the marriage of moon and sun, validated by the ebb and flow of the tides, towards the surface of the human ground, urging you to read out loud that which you are telling yourself within your heart. This is the art of relating. When, without warning, tears are swallowed in the darkness of within, they await the milking power of gravity, the drawing power of consciousness.

Send down a shower of words as a way to arrive at the desired awareness, since when the words have dried and shrunk, the doors stay closed and only fear and frustration will keep knocking the thick iron knockers. The architecture of your speech is lacking when death’s foundations have been torn from it, like the pages of a book that you want to conceal because their content is not clear to the reader on the backdrop of the dominant culture.

Choose gentle kind words that reflect Divine belonging, belonging to goodness and abundance. A kind of lunar communication that knows how to create in the field of creation out of white-lunar clarity and accuracy, in a round flowery movement that belongs to quantic movement.

This is a secret movement. Not because it has to be hidden from you – you are her sacred owner. But because it is passing in interdimensional channels, channels of life-death-life, of Divine quantic sutures.

Spiritual alchemy

You can visit the dwelling of souls when you allow the death of a moment, of an idea, a view-point, life's roles, philosophies, theories. Joining with the frequency of the Self does not have to happen only after your physical death. The places and junctions where your life-story unravels and you feel pain in your joints, these are junctions where your lives are synchronised with the court of essence.

In search of the "what", for instance "what is my destiny?", "what shall I do?", or "what shall I learn", you are yearning to merge with sophisticated structures which are in the court of essence. The frames around your life-stories are frail, even if you attribute to them strictness on the basis of "I don't have a choice" and "I don't have" stories. This is the art of relating.

Choice resides within intention. Intention is the temple of free choice. In order to allow spiritual alchemy, there's a need to allow one form to die, so a new one will manifest, one quality to completely ebb, for another to flow. All the new qualities you are looking for – self-confidence, understanding the other, completeness with your body, feminine expression, and more – are asking to come through the door of life when you allow the old to leave through the door of death.

Just as you practice art techniques, we invite you to practice the art of relating. When you tell your life-story, how you chose this thing or another, how your life events unfolded to a certain point, try spreading the events like "random" pages, un-numbered pages where collecting them and bringing them together seems to contradict logic, stand against all measurements of chance. In such a non-linear fashion the writer's superstructure will be revealed to you, the one who knows how to take quantic leaps between words and life-stories, and in a Divine talent attracts you towards joy and surprises, like a tourist strolling the secret paths and discovering through entanglement the Divine flower.

Continued romance

The super-structure exists. It's the Divine structure of a flower whose petals always echo and expand. It’s a pattern belonging to the net of "there is" and "there isn't", the day and the night. And your romance will be the collection of manifested potentials, a making-love of human life with your Divine Self. Consciousness may rest on a chosen episode and the choice, once again, is your freedom of choice. The romance will change like a passing cloud where the super-structure, the consciousness, exists and is alive. This is why you manage your lives in the details, and your attention is attracted to stories. This is the "why" and the "how". The "what" is to be found in the white cloud without fault or pigmentation, which is the temple of all passions and possibilities. This is the art and the responsibility of the spirit-writer within you.

Will the hero make it out of unemployment episode in one piece? Will the heroine make it unharmed through a painful argument? Does it seem there's a hierarchy between one flower petal and another? Will you argue with a leaf for falling from a tree?

The poetry of life is heard by those who do not rule out nor filter events through a pre-ordered filter bought in a fancy shop. You gave birth to your life experience out of the cosmic mating that happened before birth, and has passed through the channels of decisions, thoughts, deeds, and feelings, through the fabric of consciousness. In each birthing moment you meet your magnificent Self that knows how to write a continued romance, to take quantum leaps between time and space.

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