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5 tips on how to ask questions leading to answers

Who doesn't want to get answers? Who does not have the desire or even the great urge to have their questions answered?

Questions have a major intuitive role in our lives, even though no one really taught us how to do it properly.

Why was 'why' put in the closet

When people come to me for intuitive guidance and channelling, they usually come with scattershot questions. You need to frame a question from all the personal life stories and intense emotions, and suddenly you find that it is difficult to come up with a question that is clear, one which will help you receive a beneficial answer.

Do you remember that stage in your life when you asked ‘why’ about each and every thing? Most likely you were silenced, and with it your intuitive inquiry mechanism was silenced too.

We are not really encouraged to ask meaningful questions. There’s a perception that the ‘knower’ commands a position of respect in society. If you ask a question it means you don't know, and if you don't know – who knows what it says about you..... And on top of all that, the whole superstructure of blame and shame is erected. Everything has to be practical and objective because the subjective has no collective value.

Subjective experience has to be recognised. As long as we have consciousness we have experience. When experience is not recognised, you are trapped in this paradoxical disassociation between Self and life. Like my father, who after a workshop will ask me: "Well, how was it?" To which I reply that it was wonderful. “No,” he will say, “I mean, did you get any money out of it?”.....

Responsibility is not a rude word

1. Instead of meaning to ask one thing and asking another, know that whatever you will ask will get an answer. No one aside from you either needs or even has the ability to guess what you really want to ask and know, hence asking is taking responsibility: it is to be responsible for the path you have chosen to walk on.

My meditation teacher, Christopher Titmus, breaks the word ‘responsibility’ into two parts: ‘response-ability’. Responsibility is above all the ability to be present and react in a beneficial way to the current event. In Hebrew, it works out as ‘after-being’. First learn to be, then pay attention to what follows your solid presence. Responsibility is the continuation of your presence, the resulting outline of your presence here and now. In this process there’s no room for shame. There’s room for openness and receiving, for personal inquiry and asking questions.

Finding the answer in the body of the question

2. Life-intentions are embedded in a question. Some people have stopped asking questions. They express despair and frustration dressed up as a question: “When will all this suffering end?”; “why is it always happening to me?”....

These questions are as broad as the quantic fabric of the personal life of the questioner, and they place a lot of responsibility on something outside of the personal experience. “How long can I take this survival mode?” is a life-intention focused on survival. “How can I create a state of wellbeing in my life?”, on the other hand, is a question with an intention for action, a belief in the power of the asker to create her own life, and an understanding that life is the right to abundance and freedom.

Every question has a home

3. Questions are asked out of context. It’s like the house from which they leave on a journey and the equipment they have packed. To the one who’s interested in understanding “how can I be free from this reoccurring pattern?” I will suggest looking into the contextual field of behaviour. What drives it? What triggers it? What kind of supportive equipment does it have?

Just as a lemon tree cannot grow in muddy ground, so one’s behaviour cannot simply be replaced by another behaviour. Asking questions is an intimate and personal process. The important thing is to use the points rasied here and to work with them.

The main reason why for one person lack is manifested in the field of money and for another in the field of health is because – you still have something to learn in that field of life. Remember we said the experience has to be recognised?!

Ask: “what can I learn from this present experience?”

Who here among you has learned that you can enjoy the sunset, tenderness from a friend, walking in nature with your dog, sitting with a book in a park, and all that without having to spend a dime? Who here among you has learned that without money you must learn how to accept help! To open the home of the heart.

"How long is left is not a question but a door"

4. Time is an illusion! Simply because it is not derived from anything fixed in consciousness. Time is embedded in social conventions of measurement and division, and in and of itself is an empty experience. The real experience is embedded in you! As Israel Eliraz' poem reminds us, "how long is left is not a question but a door.” Realise that finding the love of your heart is a door to your own maturity.

Even on the tree not all apples ripen at the same time.

The one with the answer

5. When you ask the universe questions don't expect her to answer with the same linear schema through which you live your daily life. The universe does not make calculations such as "if I give this kind of answer.....this will happen.... And if I give that kind of answer..... that will happen...." The universe answers in her own way. Surprisingly, often unexpectedly, and most importantly – wholly.

When returned home three years ago from a retreat in Switzerland I had this question: “what shall I do with the desire to create a change in my life and leave to travel the world?” I, who normally go deep deep inside, received guidance from spirit to learn to receive answers from without – “as if the walls could speak what would they say?” Then I noticed I had unconsciously registered various changes that took place in my house while I was gone. The cups in the kitchen cupboard were in a different place, the bedroom carpet was rolled up in the porch, the books in the bedroom and living room where all mixed together....everything in my environment had moved. And so did I :)

Don't be shy to ask questions, allow yourself to receive answers, and go out to have fun with a path full of experiences.

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