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Money and suffering - shifting gear towards April 2015

March has been a very active month. I write to you this short channelled message deliver from Serina as many people speak and write to me about lack of money, whether it's coming from talented therapist, consultants, artists and more. In spite of all talents and activity people don't seem to see a financial result.

Firstly I want to tell you that there's a way to experience a lack of money without #suffering from it. Yes, I know it sounds crazy. But if being free and happy is to be crazy for you so let it be and be crazy.

Lack of money activates movement since the human being desires to fill the lack and consciousness wants to expand and fill-in itself.

This is true to any kind of lacking of course. Money provides an engine, like a motion, for the fulfilment of a verity of needs. There will be those, for example, who will need money to finance therapy and medical care, those who needs a new sofa, and those who just need to provide for the monthly bills. Lacking motivates you into action just as when the fruit falls of the tree it is a sign for the tree to get ready for the dry summer season.

The action may be a nourishing and creative one or of obsessive thoughts of worry and despair. The choice - is yours.

The choice not to be dependent on any object frees you. It frees you from the stubborn grip on restricting beliefs and low frequencies. The more you choose to suffer the more you strengthen low frequencies and change will not come this way, so stop waiting. Creative movement of fertilising and blossoming is an un-fearing movement to abandon the tree when the time has matured. It's a letting-go of the old movement. Not because it is old but rather because it is not necessary anymore. If you could see the lack of money as a blessing and motivation for creative generating, then you have already been freed.

When you feel free you are connecting with the Self frequency. And we speak to you about feeling since you ARE free in your essence. So end the old season and start a new one not only because the weather is changing but since you have decided this is the time and the timing to generate a new creative season in your lives.

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