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Choices and Decisions

Choices, Decisions, Choices, Decisions…

Choice and decisions, a familiar, sometimes painful subject for everyone. For most, it might not be any more than a trivial matter, a must-do, part of life, far removed from spirituality for sure.

Sitting for lunch in a local restaurant in Laos one day, I overheard a group of girls at the next table:

"I'm thinking….”, said one, "should I go to Australia and get work to save some money, or should I continue my travels and go to Cambodia. I should make the sensible choice shouldn't I?!” She sounded as if she were actually talking to herself, not to the group.

Humans are looking for making-sense decisions, but the 'sense' often is not derived from an internal creative understanding or personal passion, but instead relies upon and is loyal to a social kind of sense, the authoritative collective consciousness making sure people are aligned with 'the Norms'.

This kind of decision making is blindly loyal to what already exists in the forms and patterns of social thinking. And what already exists is based on fear and monotony, a paralysing energy. This is the source of difficulty for people when they come to make a decision. It is a missed opportunity to manifest one’s potential. Decisions need to stem out of your passion. In following your passion you may be going “against the mainstream” as it were, but it will allow you to manifest your potential, to grow and expand. That makes a whole lot more sense to me!

Decisions, unlike choices, stem from a place that wants to align, to synchronise.

But what are we synchronising with??

Throughout history, Humans from all nations and cultures, have sought ‘god’, a higher knowing source and guidance that can tell them that there is an inherent element in them that seeks to align with a higher wisdom. We always aspire to synchronise with the higher order, the quantic order, since all things that exist abide by the same law of physics: from a singularity an expansion is created. Naturally we want to synchronise with our potential, to expand, but we lock ourselves in an intrinsic conflict when we tie ourselves to the norms.

The quantic order is by its very nature creative, and is not confined to the absurd ideas propagated by the constituted order - state, church, parents. The quantic order is the creative source, the light, the cosmic spiral, from which a creation is born.

Our tendency to synchronise with the quantic order is itself our desire to create and expand, and, just like a magnetic field, we attract to our life the same vibrations we transmit.

The vibrations we transmit may attract to our lives what we as Humans categorise as bad or good. But in the quantic order there's no 'good' or 'bad'. There is no discriminative judgment, just creative synchronisation. And so this is how we attract money to us or push it away from us; attract loving partners, or push them away.

Choices are an opportunity to synchronise with our potential to expand, to raise our vibrations, to create. So why is it that we torture ourselves when we need to choose? Why do we invest hours upon hours in asking friends for advise, googling for answers to our questions?!?

Because as a collective we have forgotten how to synchronise with our personal passion, the very same force that is considered anti-social, parasitic, egotistic by the constituted order. But the personal passion is indeed the spiritual (the intangible) gate to our soul's desire. It's like an invisible tunnel between our soul and our physical manifestation.

By following our personal passion we upgrade our vibrations, so we attract to our lives more of what we really want and less of what we don't want, or in other words - of what we are afraid of.

If, for example, we are afraid of money, for any number of reasons, we will push it away from us because our energetic field is synchronised with fear (any form of fear). Money will then become like the warehouse of our fear. And we will use money to silence our fears by making the wrong (unsynchronised) decisions, like choosing a course of study that we're not really interested in, or enslaving ourselves to an unfulfilling job for the sake of the paycheque. Or we obsessively consume things we don't really need, thus pushing the money away from us and experiencing it as a lack in our lives (sometimes when it's actually there in our bank, but the experience will be one of lack nonetheless).

It all comes down to the movement of pushing away or attracting according to the type of energy we are interacting with.

When following a personal passion, even when it seems the nonsensical thing to do, we will expand everything which that passion is synchronised with. Happiness, self-fulfilment, any form of abundance, balance, and more.

External forces, like social sense, exert a pushing movement on us which takes us out of our balance. Such movement appears in the form of Choices, and it represents the potential for creating a new balance in synchrony with the element of creation. This is how a decision is born.

Choices are the potential, the opportunities. They are a gateway leading to decisions, which are the synchronisation with the natural desire to expand and create. So next time you have choices and need to make a decision - don't think twice... ;)

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