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Why it’s Not Easy to Show Up as Your Whole Self?!


One of my past clients is a dancer.

You’d probably think that as a dancer she would feel very confident presenting herself and quite comfortable showing up in her wholeness.

As an ex-dancer myself, I know how misguided these assumptions can be.

We often make assumptions based on what we see, never really knowing what goes on inside the person or what processes they’ve invested in to be able to show up fully

Why is it that we fall for comparisons so easily? Why do we get trapped over and over again in assumptions about someone else’s happiness or success?

In the Buddhist teachings, the shell of comparison is the hardest to shed, and usually the last one to go.

It’s the last piece of our whole-self that falls into place.

My client, Marina, had already covered a lot of mileage when it comes to self-growth and healing before we started. She was therefore quite taken aback by the stubbornness of the panic attacks she was experiencing on stage.

Right in the place that gives her the greatest joy, in the place where she is most passionate about sharing her divine gifts, she’d get shaky legs, fearing she might fall off the stage; her palpitating heart and profuse sweating betrayed her inner turmoil.