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The Currency of Your Self-Esteem

In the summer I go to my friend’s house and after a chat and perhaps a glass of wine we leave our stuff at her place and walk barefoot in our bikinis to the Reuss river.

We trot down three steps and fall into the embrace of the water. We need do nothing besides letting go and choosing which way to turn our gaze — back, up, to the sides or forwards.

Sometimes I catch a branch from the trees on the bank as I float along, and stuff my mouth with wine-red raspberries from overhanging raspberry bushes.

It occurred to me that I’ve never asked myself why I became a coach. I have been asked a lot lately about my personal story, so it seemed a natural question.

In many ways, I can say I have been naturally carried along by life, as if by a river. But knowing that for many years I didn’t have the self-esteem to actually offer myself as a coach or a meditation teacher, this answer is just not good enough.

The evolution of your self-esteem will be carried by the river, but the stops you make are the ones that determine how this will happen.

A Life Alignment coachee asked me “is there a healthy dose of pleasing?

I love this question because it’s insightful, courageous, and very sharp.