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Can Healing the Mother Wound Bring Professional Success?

Can healing the mother wound bring professional success, is a question most women come to me don’t ask! It seems that to succeed in business or career we need plenty of certifications, a refined business model, a set of clothes that answer the dress code of our field and other external factors that have very little to do with our relationship with our mother.

Healing the mother wound helps your professional success when you discover what's the narrative in charge of the gap between where you’re at and where you want to be. If you have unprocessed emotional experiences attached to the mother wound they may hold some of the keys to unlocking some of the most desirable aspects of your professional success.


Over the years, I have worked with so many women who started out with me confronting some personal issue, only to discover along the way that what we were doing was intimately connected to their professional life.

The mother wound touches all aspects of our being because it’s the most significant relationship we have at the beginning of our life. Any limiting belief we’ve developed in or inherited from this relationship will manifest in the unfolding of our professional success.

Here are 10 examples from my one-one-one healing the mother wound of how healing the mother wound has helped with women's professional success, whether in their businesses or employment:

1. Knowing that you Belong

I’ve worked with highly talented women who wanted strongly to achieve a place within a circle of professionals that reflected their manifestation of their capacities and aspirations for professional success. Often, at a personal level, they struggled with a sense of belonging, and in groups often felt like outsiders; either that, or they were haunted by a sense of being not enough. Healing the mother wound helped them find their sense of belonging and their natural space in any circle and community.

2. Satisfying professional relationships

We tend to bring the same dynamic we had with our mother to working relationships. I’ve worked with women who were not aware they were caught in an abusive relationship with their boss that mirrored the one they had with their mother. Or women who got caught in power games with their boss or clients just like they had with their mother. Healing the mother wound helps you shape or choose supportive professional relationships.

3. Confidence to be Visible

If you had a challenging relationship with your mother most probably you’ll have difficulties in receiving attention. To show yourself publicly is a psychological risk that triggers fear of rejection, procrastination, imposter syndrome or a sense of "what does it matter?!". These self-image habits get dismantled with healing the mother wound, leading to a sense of safety in receiving public and professional attention.

4. Asking for Money

You don’t need to “ask what you’re worth.” You’re not an object!. Money is life energy therefore it’s strongly connected to our relationship with our mother. Better perspective about the life-giving aspect that are stuck in the relationship with you mother leads you to ask for what you feel is congruent with your needs and what you give to the world.


5. Comfortable with Receiving and Abundance

Personally, I have stopped following or even paying attention to any public figure that puts emphasis on looking like a Hollywood star or the next glittery persona. I’ve helped many women reach a point where they don’t have to play make-believe or be bothered with how they look in order to feel comfortable with receiving and achieving abundance and flow. A big part of the mother wound is centuries of depriving women of access to material wealth and possessions.

6. Feminine Leadership

Can be a sore point for women, especially when they’re trying to imitate masculine leadership. Healing the mother wound happens when women stop apologising and harness their strength and unique qualities. Playing by their own book of leadership, they rise to powerful positions of professional success.

7. Clarifying your calling

Feeling confused about your calling is a very common manifestation of the mother wound. The healing process helps you clarify what it is that you were designed to do in life and what’s the best path to achieve it.

8. Defining Success on your own terms

The mother wound shows as a psychological process of identifying with our mother’s lack and the unfulfilled dreams of all her maternal legacy. Healing the mother wound happens when a woman reveals the contract she unconsciously entered into in order to belong to her legacy and replaces it with new commitments that enable success on her own terms.

In a recent conversation with Elijah Salby on her podacst Business as Activism, I'm talking about many of these aspects of healing the mother wound for professional success for women. Have a listen, click the photo below.

9. Designing real Work-life balance

Many women deal with guilt for not being there enough for their children and the extreme pressure of needing to keep pace at work (which is not separate life, but an integral part of it). Healing the mother wound here often entails shadow-work with childhood experiences of neglect, lack of presence or nourishment, leading to the discovery of a guilt-free balance between all active parts of a woman’s life.

10. Decision making

Every career path, whether employed or self-employed, is an ongoing meeting with decisions. There are good ‘best practices’ advice in any field, but there’s nothing that can replace tuning into your intuition. The mother wound hurts women’s capacity to trust and believe their inner voice. The healing amplifies the intuition’s role in charting a career path and empowering a woman’s agency.

Next time when you consider what you need in order to achieve professional success you can go over each one of these ten examples and ask yourself how can healing the mother wound bring professional success if you applied it to your person story.

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