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Building a Temple From Your Ruins

The people who find me have a secret calling at heart. Sometimes they know it, but sometimes they haven’t heard it speak clearly yet.

These are the healers, the teachers and therapists, the change makers. The naturalists, the artists, the coaches, the carers, the soul shapers. They are truth-naming, truth-pointing and truth-seekers. They cup their wounds in the palms of their hands as if they were a precious bird they had just saved. They catch the smallest gestures of love and kindness just as a blade of grass catches pearls of dew left as souvenirs by the darkness of night.

The filigree of their calling has one golden thread in common—they know they can build a temple out of the ruins.

These stories propelled me to write the book Healing the Mother Wound: stepping into your wholeness. You may see yourself as one of them and you may not. But I trust that if you are receiving this message, it speaks not of your “title” but of your place on this earth.

As we near the conclusion of this year, some want to close the door on the hardship, the uncertainty, and all the ruin it has brought. You may want to rid yourself of its reckless muddy steps on the floor of your house; to turn a page in the book and go to a new chapter titled ‘relief’.

I tell you that you too are building a temple inside. And until this temple is complete don’t exile yourself from its making. So let's slow down together and see what you have.

What were the stones that tripped you up in your hurtling rush?

You can pile them one on top of the other and build the walls of your temple, where those who need a safe space can take shelter. They will trust your strength, knowing that you too had to carve safety from rocks.

What are the branches that fell dry from the trees onto your path?

You can cut them into coat hangers for those who need your warmth after wandering in the cold wind of their lives. As the lucidity of your voice echoes from the deep, they will hear their own voice begin to sing.

What swamps did you drown in?

You can build a roof from the roots that guided you in your climb back to solid ground. And the gaps between them will make you lift your face to the sky and marvel at the brightness of the stars.

Before we can move forward we need to be present to where we are right now.

Before we let go and fly high up we must warm up our wings by surrendering to the rocks that suck the light in.

Before we say goodbye we start by saying hello.

So I ask you, love, how does the temple you’re building look now? And, do you really want to move on from that…


Shelly Sharon is helping those who know their gifts and strength lie in their life story and wounds, yet with all their efforts and they don't live that reality to the full and want to learn how to deepen their self-trust, expression and presence in there world.

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