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"The Fig Tree Mummified Her Premies"

Call For Awakening To The Source

(Comment - this channelling refers to the Song of Solomon chapter b:13 "the fig tree ripens its figs". In the Hebrew original the literal translation would be 'the fig tree has mummified her premies'. The verb mummify is used in the same sense as in other chapters in the Hebrew Bible which relate to the process of preserving a body. The fig tree mummifies the pre mature fruit, her premies).

They have all gathered in a room the cave. Four members of the firstborn community, four representing the four corners of the universe, the foundations of the earth. They have carried her to the centre of the square. Dressed in white, they prepare for the burial ceremony, the ceremony of the soul's elevation. They know the ceremony is not for them, nor even for her, as her body is here but her soul has already ascended. They mummify the body and preserve it for the sake of the next generation, the generation of humanity that is yet to come, as promised in the scriptures; a generation that will be ready for the next quantum leap.

The ancient Egyptians mummified the body because they knew there would come a day when you will discover, explore and ask for the secrets they carried. They mummified the bodies as the fig tree mummifies her premies. She knows the secret of the generation to come, for which she preserves and captures the seeds’ essence of growth by mummification.

The Source Of Sources

The information has always been given to you, always been preserved for you, and it always stays within you, beloved. The information comes to you in its energetic form, and is then translated, changed, adapted, at times even reduced to accommodate the capacity of the receiver. When the information is translated it is receiving a structure which you can understand, an understood form in your current language. The ancient Egyptians wrote and spoke in a language which is not known to you, but they have preserved for you the essence of the information, just as the hidden power lies within the cells of your DNA. You are learning a new language now. You are learning the language of the heart which is the most ancient language, and thus the most common in the history of humankind. A lost sacred language. Now you're adding a new layer to it, preparing for the next stage of humanity's ascension.

And in spite of the manipulations and the extinction of information, the source has not disappeared. It is maybe only muted. The energy can be absorbed back to its original form at any given moment. When you find peace and quiet, you have the sense of coming back home. Because you are coming back to your natural state, the nature of consciousness. When you set up a tent, the inner space is not different from the space outside it. Only you have been trained to observe the boundaries, to believe in borders and boundaries, to worship the walls and stone buildings that so many have sacrificed their lives for. But when you take away the tent, the inner space merges back with the outer space - only the space knows that in fact there was never a separation.

The information carried within your DNA answers the same metaphor, the same rules. Codes understood and not understood merge as one with the soup of consciousness that surrounds your physical body. Don't make the mistake of focusing only on what you can see or understand. Don't tire your heart by focusing on the solid and the appeared. As the heart responds much faster than the brain, the heart understands more quickly the complete and whole nature of the path. A love-making between spirit and matter happens at the heart of the fig's premie.

From the space of the sun and the space of compassion, I am Serina coming to you today with information. Lost information, hidden information which will be embedded within you soon. And we would want to give it to you today and reawaken within you the information which lies in you. Thus has it been written, "and the fig tree has mummified her premies".

The Seed Of Divine Fertilisation

The understanding of the nature of the divine seed in you makes you change. The divine symbiosis between the Self and your soul shifts to the next stage of maturity, the next stage of humanity. When you understand the nature of the divine seed in you, you change your thoughts, feelings, sensations, and all the quantic soup reorganises itself anew, arranging itself according to the potential of the seed, according to the hidden power within divine fertilisation. As long as you haven’t connected to the information, it will remain dormant, expectantly longing for the right timing, the timing of maturity. Like the flower of humanity summons divinity in spreading the fragrance of humanely wisdom.

If so, ascended and beloved masters, your sacred Self carries the fruit as the fig tree does. For you who are worshipping the sacred scripts without understanding them, it has thus been written: "and the fig tree has mummified her premies". Such a wonder it is for the fig tree to give birth to her children, her fruit, twice in one cycle. As the integration of matter and spirit exists in one cycle. And cycle after cycle humanity gives birth to itself, out of the seed of the nucleus mummified inside it.

At the point where the space of spirit and the space of matter join and touch, heart to heart, there is the Vesica Piscis. At the centre of the Vesica Piscis, like at the centre of the fig's premie, the male and the female exist in one unified field, in a cosmic field that knows no separation other than fractal dividing.

The ancient Egyptians mummified the body of the one who has reached maturity, and he carries inside him the seed of divine fertilisation. Mummification is preserving the best in distilled form, emphasising the evolved being, the being of growth. You didn't ask why the ancient Egyptians mummified the dead, since you believed they waited for a God to come and take the body when the timing was right. You are wrong to think that the Egyptians worshipped matter like you do. But you may want to ask how it can be that the fig tree chooses to mummify her premies before time.

The first cycle of the fig fruit is dense. Nevertheless, all fruits carry the seeds of potential of the fig fruit. The first cycle of fruit is an allegory of the sacrifice that the soul is making of her infinite Self, fractally dividing information that has no limits, and preserving it in succinctness. The soul knows how to mummify, knows how to preserve the information for the human, just as the fruit of the fig captures the symbiosis of fertilisation inside the cave of the premie. And when divine fertilisation occurs, the second fruit is born, and it is ready to satisfy, to be fuller, juicier, happier.

The Unified Polarity Field

Without symbiosis between two different species, beloved, the fig tree cannot bear fruit. In the darkness of the premie's cave the hornet is born. Inside the fruit's ovaries a magical symbiotic process takes place between two different species - one cannot exist without the other. The human cannot exist without the divine. The divine will not exist without the human. This is the symbiosis of the field of unified polarity.

When you speak about the "new world", please don't use this coin of language as yet another passing fashion, beloved. Know that your world has been renewed before in several human cycles. Understand in the understanding of the heart that the "new world" is the second fruit being born from the same mother, after she chooses to preserve the seed of the divine fruit to project the light through the field of unified polarity. The power of attraction needs the power of rejection, and vice versa. The flower needs the bees. Life needs you! But since the beauty of the fig is a hidden and magical beauty, because her flowers are closed in on themselves, inside the cave of the premie far from the seeing eye, she teaches you that ascension to the next stage depends on a cosmic merge in the darkness, out of connection to the inner source of creation.

The trained hearts that follow the rules of the field of unified polarity will experience another consciousness ascension at the time when the fig is celebrated, at the time when the lunar eclipse happens in proximity of the Autumn Equinox (September). The structures of thoughts, the structure of human being-ness, the structures of language will ascend out of the circle that is coincident with another circle, out of double completion. Just as the light is complete in itself, and the darkness is complete in itself, and the light and the darkness are the field of unified polarity. Just as the soul is complete in itself, and the Self is complete in itself, the soul-Self is the field of unified polarity. Divine fertilisation mummified in the seed of unification.

Just as religion needs science and science religion, two institutions finding one another in cooperation and bringing to you information about the field of unification, creating a language where divinity and the quantic rest in one heart. The fig tree has mummified her premies because divinity did not abandon humanity, but gave birth to the next cycle in symbiotic cooperation, which preserves in its essence the succinctness of divinity, the hidden power, and only for it to be reborn again to a fuller world.

When you choose a teacher that will show you the way to the "new world", choose one that can teach you something you don’t know, and it is that - you have yourselves! What is the benefit, dears, in learning patterns, raising past memories and beliefs, if you haven't learned that you have yourselves?!

The teacher will take you to his field, plant you close to him. You will enjoy his fragrance, be perfumed with his nectar, relax in his shade and die under his wings. Find the one who will awaken you to find inspiration within your selves, to love yourselves with a soul-hearted love you have never known before. Find the one who will take you and plant you in your own field! And will nourish you until you blossom independently in the presence of yourselves.

See your teachers as your dearest soul friends. And if you cannot join in a sacred connection, you will be a mere shadow to deep roots. See your children as your dearest soul friends. They chose you not so you can train them to be reduced to boundaries, not so you can restrain them to limiting beliefs, not so you can tyrannise them into seeking false pleasures. They chose you because you have the hidden power to build a sustainable connection, a connection of divine friendship in the field of unified inspiration.

Your children will not redeem you in the manner of a prince on a white horse rescuing a trapped maiden. Your children are redeeming this world for the "new world" together with you. In cooperation. They are here for you. Cultivate earth not to rescue her, but for her fertility. Cultivate your children not for rescuing yourselves, but for a new humanity.

You are the premies that the tree of life is maturing and preserving pre-term, ripening to a new season of humanity, so it will be ripe and full with the end of the light beams (the sun) and the clearance of the clouds of distraction and the contamination of consciousness.

From Abuse To The Sanctifying Of The Female Body And The Male Body

The premie contains within itself the male and the female. The premie captures the possibility of merger which you will call illogical, like the merger between humans and the divine.

Until the male fulfils his rightful role, the female cannot sweeten. The roles of the male and female balance each other, this the field of unified polarity knows. But not so in your society today. You've learned that pleasure is derived out of coercion, not choice. There is no difference between publicity abuse (in all its colours in all fields) and sexual abuse. Creating and receiving pleasure not out of choice and cooperation rapes consciousness with artificial boundaries.

In the foundational vortex, the foundational chakra, do not look for survival, but the find potential to fulfil. Completion and cycle are the female perspective. The female perspective is a quality of observation. In a world which excludes the female perspective, completion cannot be revealed and cannot sweeten.

In the foundational chakra the sexual force, creation force and fulfilment force are all joined together. This is the Earth chakra. Matter and spirit fulfilment in a cosmic cooperation. Fulfilment does not exist without fertility and fertilisation.

Fertility is the capacity to impregnate an idea, to carry a thought, a feeling, an inner movement; to nourish it from within, like the hornet does to the premie; to support its ripening at the right timing, out of cooperation and not out of war between the sexes. This is the foundation. The foundation to all that exists in the physical reality as well as in other dimensions. So when sexual abuse is being exposed at an accelerating rate today, the right to choose is being exposed as well. Choose the field of unified polarity which exposes the divine beauty.

Journey Between Starts

The ripe fruit is an representation of the human who is not afraid to leave the tree of life, since all vitality, vivaciousness and colours are his. The notion of death dissolves as walls are collapsing in your world. This is the human who is not afraid to live. Not the human who is afraid of dying, but the one who is not afraid to live. The ripe human is the one who believes in life. To believe in life means to believe in the experience, not the experience. To believe in the essence of experience means to believe in the Self

No person can ask for himself a spiritual experience, a mystical life, a life full of meaning, without the experience of pain. Not because you need to worship the pain, but because the separation from artificial accessories which resuscitated your life, the separation from indulgence which you learn in coercion and not out of choice, is painful.

The human who has experienced for the first time love with no defences will tell you all about it. He is the one who has understood that pain is due to the separation from the Self, the tears are due to a one-pole existence, excluding each other from the whole. Life filled with meaning is life that excludes anything.

Those who wish for ascension will have to abandon the exciting toys that are surrogates for real pleasure. Beauty and truth are exposed in the intimacy with experience. Spirit resides in the beautiful woman as much as in the old, mature lady. Spirit resides in the laughing child as much as in the restrained man. Spirit resides in all, not despising anything. How can it be that the of the spirit, your spiritual journey, despises one feeling but not another, labels things as worthy, desirable and condemnable?!

When clarity comes it is shakes and dazzles. Like the one that stands at the centre of the square, exposed to the light of the powerful sun beams at midday. And what will the desert-dweller do? The colony place of the ancient fig. The desert-dweller is not running around bothered and coerced into crumbling societal dictats. He is not focused on survival either. But he is working for peace. He finds a place to rest, a place where to sink into the clarity of consciousness.

You are made of stardust. And the fig tells you the story of the mummification of divine agreements, how she preserves ascension for another cycle to come. Clarity melts forms, melts patterns, melts agreements. All that is left is to sing the Song of Songs of Love.

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