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"The Fig Tree Mummified Her Premies"

Call For Awakening To The Source

(Comment - this channelling refers to the Song of Solomon chapter b:13 "the fig tree ripens its figs". In the Hebrew original the literal translation would be 'the fig tree has mummified her premies'. The verb mummify is used in the same sense as in other chapters in the Hebrew Bible which relate to the process of preserving a body. The fig tree mummifies the pre mature fruit, her premies).

They have all gathered in a room the cave. Four members of the firstborn community, four representing the four corners of the universe, the foundations of the earth. They have carried her to the centre of the square. Dressed in white, they prepare for the burial ceremony, the ceremony of the soul's elevation. They know the ceremony is not for them, nor even for her, as her body is here but her soul has already ascended. They mummify the body and preserve it for the sake of the next generation, the generation of humanity that is yet to come, as promised in the scriptures; a generation that will be ready for the next quantum leap.

The ancient Egyptians mummified the body because they knew there would come a day when you will discover, explore and ask for the secrets they carried. They mummified the bodies as the fig tree mummifies her premies. She knows the secret of the generation to come, for which she preserves and captures the seeds’ essence of growth by mummification.

The Source Of Sources

The information has always been given to you, always been preserved for you, and it always stays within you, beloved. The information comes to you in its energetic form, and is then translated, changed, adapted, at times even reduced to accommodate the capacity of the receiver. When the information is translated it is receiving a structure which you can understand, an understood form in your current language. The ancient Egyptians wrote and spoke in a language which is not known to you, but they have preserved for you the essence of the information, just as the hidden power lies within the cells of your DNA. You are learning a new language now. You are learning the language of the heart which is the most ancient language, and thus the most common in the history of humankind. A lost sacred language. Now you're adding a new layer to it, preparing for the next stage of humanity's ascension.

And in spite of the manipulations and the extinction of information, the source has not disappeared. It is maybe only muted. The energy can be absorbed back to its original form at any given moment. When you find peace and quiet, you have the sense of coming back home. Because you are coming back to your natural state, the nature of consciousness. When you set up a tent, the inner space is not different from the space outside it. Only you have been trained to observe the boundaries, to believe in borders and boundaries, to worship the walls and stone buildings that so many have sacrificed their lives for. But when you take away the tent, the inner space merges back with the outer space - only the space knows that in fact there was never a separation.