Spiritual Shoplifting

Quietly quietly, she sits alone, staring at the beauty and glow of those precious things that have the quality of being beyond. She can’t share them, though, because she stole them. Her guilt dims their light, when she thinks about it, about how she sneaked in to steal what her heart knew could be hers for real. She can’t talk about them, since these precious gems are wrapped in a smoky suffocating shame. She can’t really use them publicly, because when you’re spiritually shoplifting the things you want the most you have no clue as to how to make them a part of you. Everything else in her life stayed the same, because no change came to visit when she settled for games of pretence. One night,

Follow Your Bliss… BUT HOW?!

You know what makes you happy but you keep on being dragged away by duties and commitments. You might be saying ‘that’s life’, but deep down inside you know it’s absolutely not the full truth. You know what thrills you but you feel it’s out of your league, or that you’re miles away from achieving it. How the hell can you garner the confidence to stick with the things that make you feel you excited? You’ve heard this abstruse saying ‘follow your bliss’ before. It rings true. You know in your guts it’s true. But, how to beget this bliss you’re not entirely sure. Yet you try. You’ve tried to just be yourself because this is your true bliss, but it turned out that others didn’t really approve of

Three Guilt-Free Ways to Want What You Want

My husband and I spent our summer holiday high up at 1240 m in a typical stone-house B&B in Valle D'Aosta. Surrounded by the bright snow-capped mountains and the fresh air of trees we indulged in a slow-paced life in a community of 5 houses that made me feel like I'd been teleported back to a different era when life was much less complicated. Higher up at 1648 m, a fierce 85-year-old lady who runs a top-notch local-food restaurant in the house her grandfather built in the 18th century told us how life was so different back when she was a child. It's rough terrain. I can only imagine how tough it was to live there in the cold winter when there were no roads to easily get you down to the city

Finding The Courage To Speak Out Your Heart

Put your eyes where your feet are Put your feet where your belly is Put your belly in your hands Put your hands on your back Put your back where your ears are Put your ears at the tip of your fingers Put the tip of your fingers on your knees Put your knees where your chest is Put your chest where your mouth is Put your mouth where your heart is And that’s how you dance with the magic of being fully alive to any feeling and thought that arise and find the voice to speak out your heart. Shelly helps those who have find it challenging to speak the truth of their heart express themselves in their career or personal life wholeheartedly, with ease and confidence Learn more about Life Alignment

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