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Three Guilt-Free Ways to Want What You Want

My husband and I spent our summer holiday high up at 1240 m in a typical stone-house B&B in Valle D'Aosta. Surrounded by the bright snow-capped mountains and the fresh air of trees we indulged in a slow-paced life in a community of 5 houses that made me feel like I'd been teleported back to a different era when life was much less complicated.

Higher up at 1648 m, a fierce 85-year-old lady who runs a top-notch local-food restaurant in the house her grandfather built in the 18th century told us how life was so different back when she was a child. It's rough terrain. I can only imagine how tough it was to live there in the cold winter when there were no roads to easily get you down to the city whenever the fancy took you, as one can do today.

"We sang" she told us. "Every day each family from the village brought whatever milk their cows or goats produced. In Winter, it was freezing cold outside waiting for the milkery to open, so my father would invite those who had walked in from the outlying farms to come inside and keep warm. And while we waited we just sang".

As my body began to relax and let go of the everyday stress, I found my mind was getting caught in 'wanting'. Wanting to have more of that beauty and not to have to go back home so soon; wanting more of that simplicity again in my life; wanting more of that good food; wanting, wanting, wanting.... So, in my usual way, I reflected on that very natural human inclination to want and the agonising torture it creates as soon as we start going through contortions to make what we want happen.

In these three videos I share with you simple and doable letting go exercises that will help you want what you want without guilt, learn how to let go of that contraction in the belly that comes with wanting, and claim the secret ingredient that's seeded in what you want which shapes you into a beautiful human being.


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